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Credit Acceptance / Complaint

1 MI, United States Review updated:

I decided that I wanted to trade in my 2001 Dodge ram for a more suitable family car. I contacted Sheere Chevy and was told to come down and have a look at their used inventory to see if I could find something I was interested in. I told the salesman that my new wife was also interested in trading in her car as well. Long story short they told me that they could give me $6, 000 for my truck in trade which was the pay off, and $1800 for my wifes car. She was unable to trade in her car because her father's name was on the title and he wouldn't allow it. So I said that I would be still glad to trade my truck in. We went into the dealer on Saturday so they could look at my truck for appraisal. We picked out a 2004 Chevy Impalla SS. It had around 84k on it and looked in pretty decent shape. I told them I wanted to drive the car over the weekend and take it to a mechanic. We came back to the dealer Monday and were told that due to a lower credit score in the high 5's we were't able to get traditional financing. I told them I got into my truck with 0 down with the same credit score. They said don't worry we could get financed through Credit acceptance and our payments would be around $300 per month. They said they needed all kinds of paper work, bank statements, pay stubs, references, etc. Long story short we ended up having to put $400 down despite being told that my truck was good enough. We gave them a voided check and they said that we would be on autopay that way we didnt have to mail out monthly payments. 2 months go buy and my wife wakes me up saying that they are repossessing our car. I went outside and caught the tow driver and asked what was going on he said we were 2 payments behind and he was taking the car. I told him wait he's not taking the car I was going to call the bank. He told me if we didn't let him take the car that the bank was going to want $12000 to get the car back. I told my wife to sit in the car and wait, I told the tow driver to get in his truck and wait while I called the bank, he continued to hook the car up and said that the cops were on the way. I used to repo cars so I know the laws so I told him there was nothing the police can do it was a civil matter (only the Sheriffs dept can step in with a court order) when I asked the tow guy his info he told me he didnt have to tell me because my name wasn't on the paper work and refused to ID himself due to privacy laws. He then proceeded to tell me to "Go ### yourself" and got in his truck I called the bank but they weren't open for another 20 minutes. The cops showed up and asked what was going on and I explained the situation to them and he asked if I saw the repo order and I told him no, nor did he provide ID. My wife was sitting in the car and the cop said that he had the right to repo the car and I explained that I knew the repo laws and he did not have the right to take the car since my wife was sitting in it. He talked to the tow driver and I over heard him say that there was nothing he could do that I clearly knew the laws and he couldn't bluff me to give them the car. The tow driver agreed to drop the car and said he would get it in an hour anyway's so wipe the stupid smile off my face. He proceeded to drop the car and the cops left. My wife was able to get in touch with the bank and they proceeded to tell her how dare she sit in the car with our son and how dare she stop the repo etc she was in tears by the time she was off the phone. I called them back and spoke to a manager and explained we were supposed to set up on auto pay and they should have called or sent a letter. They said sometimes the dealers don't follow through and it was an easy mistake. They took 2 payments via western union. Our payment this month (Dec) falls on a saturday and my wife doesn't get paid till Monday. We are 1 day late and already have gotten 2 calls the rep said there is no grace period and they can call the next day. I told them she doesn't get paid till Monday but our payment was mailed out Thursday and they should receive it today or should have gotten it already. She said it takes 5 day's to get it but we are all set. After reading up about these people I see it was A HUGE MISTAKE getting involved with them. The repo company was an even bigger joke (American Lenders) I complained to the owner who apologized about the drivers action even asked me if I'd be interested in future repos with the company. Either way CAC is a joke along with there small print

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  • Us
      18th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    After explaining my situation every time and agreeing to a payment arrangement 3 days late and van got repossessed. I only owe 3 more months and then it will be paid off. So now I have to pay $600 bucks to get it back. Stay away from Credit Acceptance. Their collections practices are illegal and the repossess at the drop of a dime.

  • Do
      3rd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    How are their collection practices illegal? Read your contract...BEFORE you sign!

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