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Credit Acceptance Corporation / Scam and cheating

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Credit Acceptance Corporation
Do not finance a bicycle with these people no matter how desperate you may be. My ex-husband financed this car in my name with this company about 3 years ago. The car was garbage to begin with when the A/C went out the first week, the transmission went out at month 2 AND 3. Well luckily someone hit me head on and totaled the piece of junk after the 3rd month. Unlucky for me, I sustained serious injuries but have since recovered. Thank goodness we purchased GAP insurance for this vehicle!!! I was late 1 week late 1 time and the second you become late they begin to call and harass you beginning at 8am in the morning and ending at 9pm that evening. They even called Saturday and Sunday threatening to repossess the vehicle. Why I'm so angry now is that it has been 3 years since this lemon has been paid off. My auto insurance paid immediately and GAP paid soon after. I was up to date on the payment when the car was totaled. Well Credit Acceptance didn't seem to get that. They have totally wrecked my credit which I have disputed month after month after month. Finally they have removed all the lates from the account from 2 of my reports. So I thought the battle was over...not so fast. They have reported me as being 90 days late last month, and the car has been paid off since NOV of 2006! NEVER NEVER NEVER finance with these people! So now I begin the battle again. It has dropped my credit score dramatically.


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A  14th of Apr, 2009 by 
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they are a pain in the ### i told them to take my money out on a wensday, and they keep takeing it out on a monday and messing my whole account .. we need to have a class action on them to begin with they had one before
A  14th of Apr, 2009 by 
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i think they need to be harass
A  26th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I say we join up and sue the hell out of them!!! If your 10 days late they repo it and make you pay repo fee of 350 dollors on top of your late fee
A  26th of Apr, 2009 by 
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What ever you do don't be ten days late they will repo your car and make you pay repo fees on top of it
A  17th of Jan, 2011 by 
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This company is one of the most disrespectful companies I have ever dealt with. I was 3 days late mailing my payment and they were harrassing me from day 1...then they added the late fee which goes into effect 10 days after your payment date...Which I was way before on the payment. They seem to only process payments 1 time a month and in order to "be on time" you need to mail your payment 3 weeks before it is even due because even if you make your payment on the date its due by sending it to them...your still going to be late because they only process what you send them 3 weeks after you send it. I am now in collections for sending my payment out 3 days late 2 months in a row...I have asked several times if I could please move my date by 1 week even if I have to pay extra since my paycheck dates got moved on me..they said no and if I didn't like when my date was...I could pay my car off or turn it in. After that comment I was hung up on and when I called back to talk to a supervisor...the same thing I was given the 2 options...and again told good day and hung up on. This isn't fair and something should be done about it. I am thankful to have a 2nd chance at rebuilding my credit (messed up at a young age) But this is not only unprofessional but this is harrassment and should have something done about it..NOW.
A  1st of Jan, 2013 by 
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This place is ridiculous! I would recommend that no one, under any circumstances, use this company! You are asking for trouble! I had a car financed through them. Worst mistake of my life. The car was a lemon. I could not afford car payments and car repair, so I called them and said to come get the car as I don't have the money and I was getting further into debt. They did come to get the car. I called them a week later asking about the remaining balance on the loan. I was told that the car would be sold that following week and to call back then. I did and left my name and number on a voicemail. I never got a call back ever, and finally, I got tired of calling and quit making attempts.

Three months ago, I found out that they were filing a judgment against me and were planning on garnishing my paycheck. The only reason I even knew this was about to happen was because I looked myself up on my local clerk of courts website. I never ever received anything from this company in writing or otherwise that explained anything about this situation. They never contacted me after the many attempts I had made. And they did garnish my paycheck, four times. I filed bankruptcy to clear this up, and I will make sure that everyone I speak to is fully aware of Credit Acceptance Corp and their sneaky tactics and what a low-life group of ### is employed there. I am a single mother, who could not afford the garnishment, and it really put a strain on me. And the sad part is that I would have gladly worked out some type of arrangement with them had I been given the opportunity. So again, I say please, please, please stay away from this company!

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