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Credit Acceptance / Grand theft

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On 11/19/08 Credit Acceptance, wrongfully towed my car. I only had the car for 42 days, and it was towed. According to the repo department at Credit Acceptance, my payment was due on the 7th, however I received a phone call from one of their representatives for the first time, on 10/29/08, asking me on what date I would like my payments to be due on my account, I explained that I get paid twice monthly, on the 15th and 30th of every month and that the 15th would be ideal, the representative went on to tell me that in addition i would be able to pay the bill late up to ten days after my due date, sort of a grace period. I was under the impression that my payments would be due on the 15th, with an additional time of ten days, keep in mind this is my first payment to Credit Acceptance. Now to get my car out of impound, I have to pay the first month care note to Credit Acceptance, which is fine, plus an additional payment of $360.00 to have my car released. Because of the error on behalf of their representative, not being clear on the purpose of the call, the car was repoe'd to Miami, approximately 45 minutes from where I live, I had to find my way there on my own, since I live here in Hollywood Florida by myself, and the only efficient means of commute, is by car. This puts me in a financial strain, me having to ask my employer for a pay advance to get my car, and find a way to where the car was taken to. When I called and spoke to a rep at the repo department about this, their explanation was that since the car had a locater put in it, their system automatically generates an order for a car to be repossessed, if a payment is not posted. No one did anything to help the situation, and I was being told is that 'Credit Acceptance, is not going to eat the expense of having the car towed'. This to me is grand theft.

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  • Al
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    I totally agree. They did the same to me except I had to drive 2 hours to get my car from where it was at they were very rude and they give you the run around about getting your car and I felt that they should have returned it to me.

  • Bb
      10th of Dec, 2009
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    I bought a car in August of 2009, financed by Credit Acceptance. I am never late, I send my payments in, even before the due date, but how odd, that Credit Acceptance is the only biller that I have, who complains about being me being late. That's hard to believe that they don't get it on the due date. Due on the 9th, I had the check made out for the 8th. They actually, called on the 10th. One month they called on the 9th. Are they NUTS? Someone doesn't go to the PO Box. I never had trouble with Chrysler Financial, I was always on time. They treat you like you are a month late, when I know for a fact, I am not late. Why is it only this company claims I am late? And they say there IS NOT A GRACE PERIOD? What in the world do you call it when they tell you that after 10 days, they will add on a "late fee?" Someone should do something about this company. I heard from a legitimate car dealer that they do not have a good reputation. I won't repeat what they call them. I am Praying for another car and I will let them come and get this one, I don't care what it does to my credit. I have good credit, but you wouldn't believe it, the way they talk to their clients. They think people who don't have a lot of money, are automatically going to be late. I just want to be rid of them. I will continue to pay my payments the way I do, and if they continue to call me, insisting I'm late. I will find out how I can deal with them, legally. The lady tried to tell me that I was late every month. Funny, the man I first talked to said they got it on the 9th last mont, Well, I sent the check for the 6th, and this month, it was the 8th. The bank sent it on the 3rd, enough time for it to get there for the 9th, even though the check was dated the 8th. I think they purposly count the payment on the day they cash the checks. This company needs to be rebuked.

  • Da
      26th of Feb, 2010
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    Customer service is horrible...I lost my job at the end of October of 2009 my payment was due on the 15th of November with a current balance of $261.00 but by the 16th the car was repoed.

    I paid in 25 months of payments prior to this, and only had two payments to go and an estimated amount of $520.00 on my balance.

    I called them and told them how is it they could take a car that had only tw0 payments to go. Anyone looking at the payment record would have noticed that the car was going to be payed off in about 5 more weeks instead they towed it and told me they had no way of contacting me so by the 16th they had it towed and on the 20th they sent me a later in regards to my unpaid monthly balance. I feel as if it was all planned out and they took advantage of the situation, In the whole 25 months that I had this car Credit Acceptance was always able to get in contact with me or someone in my family to ask about monthly payments, which was fine but for some reason at the 26 month of payment they had no contact info on record for me but they still managed to send out a letter 4 days after they towed the car. Not to mention I live in upstate NY and they towed my car and personal things to MA and then towed the car for auction to CT one big mess, so they wanted me to pay them about 500 dollars and I would also have to go get my personal things from MA and then pick up my car From CT and on top of that the cars fuel pump was no good so I would have had get it to towed back to upstate NY. Car was only worth about 1000 bucks. I told them they could keep the car but dont hold me accountable for the towing fees when they didn't use commen sense or even customer communication skills or service . On top of it all they sent me a letter today telling me they sold the car for 1200 dollars and due the towing and processing cost I still owe them about 500.00 bucks. Why would they ask for the same amount of money(500) if thats what they were going to get for the final payments of my account. This is so wrong they got 25 months of payments @ about 256.00 dollars plus 1200 @ auction and now they want 500.00 dollars from me. Total amount is about 6, 900 dollars they will be making and me I got no car and a notice to pay 500 more dollars. GREED, GREED AND MORE GREED is killing this country and families, it is so sad. These companies don't care about you or your family just the numbers.

  • Mr
      22nd of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    Credit Acceptance is terrible. I bought a car in 2006 and no longer was able to make the payments after I lost my job. I contacted the company and had them to pick the vehicle up because of my situation. A few years later, I received a packet in the mail stating that I owed the company the remaining balance on the account with interest even though the car was returned. Now here it is 10 years later and Credit Acceptance wants to garnish my wages for a vehicle that was returned to them, and was sold again! This is a horrible company.

  • Do
      2nd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    To the orignal poster - When you have a device on your car so where they can track it, you have to make your payments on time every month or they will repo it. By law, they do not have to give notice that they are picking it up because you "read and agreed" to a contract that you signed at the dealership saying that you would pay it by the due date each month. They really have no legal obligation to call you as you should know when your due dates are and how much you owe because you SHOULD read before signing ALWAYS!

  • Mo
      3rd of Mar, 2011
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    I have a vehicle financed through this horrible company and will be paid off in nov of this yr. I recently lost my job and got behind . But calling them and tryin to get them to work with you is impossible. They only will pick you for info so they can repo the vehicle. I havbeen reemployed and sent in 2 payments . They returned the payment and still want to repo. Now my question is is can they legally do this ? I feel they have gottin so much money out of me and now its close to being paid off, they would rather repo and resale to triple profit.

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