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I called a Mark from Cox Communication May 21, 2018. I asked to hook up an existing account (turned off in March, 2018) for my Son and I am going to pay via auto payment. It took me well over an hour to get this taken care of. It should of been a very simple transaction. I told Mark at least 5X's it is for Internet only. Mark said a technician still had to come out to my Sons address to hook it up, I kept telling him, I don't understand why since it was just turned off in March. It took Mark 5 tries to get my card to go thru-he kept saying it wasn't me, it was on their end. Obviously, I was getting really nervous repeating my card over and over again. I asked for a confirmation number or account # or something to verify the call. Mark said he doesn't have that and the whole account is set up with my Sons old account #. When I finally got to the automated voice to go over what I ordered, I stopped it because it was saying something about TV and phone, I got Mark again and he said, it's a boilerplate message and just say Yes to each question. So the Tech gets to my Sons house and said he is here to hook up Internet, TV and phone!!! My Son explained everything and the Tech was super accommodating and gave my Son the Cox number to straighten the whole mess out. Which he did in a matter of minutes. Wonder what my first bill is going to look like?🤬🤬

May 24, 2018

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