Cox Communications / internet data cap

Pensacola, FL, United States
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I have had Cox Communications for over a year. Never had any issues with how much internet was used. Now I am being charged for going over my internet, in which I just found out that I even had. It is already enough to try and have unlimited data with a cell phone company, now I have to be in fear of having to pay extra everyday now. My whole house runs on internet and everyone in my house is in school where classes needs to be accessed everyday. All gaming systems need to be hooked to internet and so does the laptops we have. I don't think that it is fair to have a data cap and then be charged 2 late fees each time you are late. That is just crazy. Then when you call in about it, no one knows anything or they sound like they don't want to be a work. Then in the middle of conversations, you hear a new voice because you have been transferred. I am not sure if this whole data cap is just a trial but I really feel that with the way technology is going and how everything requires internet, that data cap should not even exist. It is going to cause a lot of unhappy customers such as myself and a lot of complaints.

Jun 10, 2017

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