Cox Communicationscustomer service

C Nov 15, 2017

I am so tired of Cox Representatives being so rude and unprofessional when I call in for help. I called in the other day because I was having difficulty with my new cable boxes. I went into Cox Cable to return my old boxes for new ones and she didn't give me back my computer modem. Turns out Cindy did it on purpose so that I would have to pay a 35 dollar technician fee. I call the next day and the representative Justin told me it was a shortage in my area and that he wasn't going to send anyone out to help me. I told him I have been having the same problem for 4 days and he ignored me. I feel that if I am paying for cable and internet services then I should get help and not blamed for the problems. Customer service is important for a business. I am tired of the attitudes, laziness, cluelessness, trickery, and rudeness on the phone and in person. Then you wonder why I downgrade my services because I'm paying an arm and a leg to be treated like I don't matter or that I'm wasting their time. Everything with Cox Cable is a fee or extra money. Cox Cable has bad service, their employees are rude and lazy and I'm tired of the young employees who think they know everything when they know nothing. Get it together!

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