Cox Communicationscable/internet service

I cancelled service with them because I was paying a premium for faster internet and it wasn't as fast as advertised. I was able to get faster service for less than half what I was paying from another provider. I turned in what I thought was all the equipment that I needed to. More than six months later I was trying to get a car loan and discovered an open collections account that originated with Cox cable. I owed some money on some equipment I did not return but I never got a bill from either Cox or the collections agency they sold the account to. I only discovered it when I applied for the loan. I called the number on my credit report, paid the bill in full and received a bill after I had called them. Now I have a mark on my credit report(now at 800) which is still affecting my loan status even tho is shows paid in full. This needs to be removed as I never was contacted about the amount owed.

Aug 01, 2018

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