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I had a fraud issue with my bank account in June 2007 for which I had to close my bank account and open another one. Part of that was getting all my bills that are automaticly debited from my account swtiched over to my new checking account. The day I closed my account, Cox tried to debit my closed acount for the bill amount, which for obvious reasons didn't go through. The day after my checking account closed, I cancelled the automatic debit from Cox and set an automatic debit request for the new checking account I just opened. The next week I got a very nasty letter from Cox stating that not only was my bill past due but I had to pay it in cash at their office upon receipt of the bill.

I'm not hurting for money, and paying the bill in cash wasn't a problem, but I'm a doctor and finding the time to to go by their office to pay it was a problem. But to make sure I took care of my end, I scrambled find the time during business hours the next day and paid the bill at Cox's convenience. Thinking this was a one-time issue, I didn't think much of it the whole thing until I got my next bill from Cox and got the same "your payment is late and it's due now in cash."

I called customer service to see what the issue was and was told by customer service that my automatic debit was cancelled due to a closed checking account. When I asked the Cox rep what happened to the automatic debit agreement I set up for my new checking account, I got the usual run around with the customer service rep dening that such a thing had never been done, then when she realized that she was miskeying some info and that there really was a request to set up a new automatic debit, she didn't apologize and she told me that I had to be in good standing with my bill, which meant I had to pay my bill at their office. So I again scrambled to find the time and paid the bill. This time after paying the bill, I asked the customer service rep who was assiting me at the Cox office if I was in good standing and if she could ok my automatic debit. She said she couldn't ok the automatic debit, but that I was in good standing and assured me that I wouldn't have a problem with my next bill.

I called the next week just to assure that the automatic billing was set up, and was told "it was not a problem." Wouldn't you know it, the next bill arrived stating the same thing like the previous two, that there was no automatic debit in place, that I needed to pay in cash and it was due now.

Now I have been a customer of Cox Commications in the South Louisiana in some capacity or another for the last 7 years and never had so much as a late payment until now. By now, I am confused and incensed since I was told the automatic debit was not a problem twice. So I call customer service for a third time, get the usual run around again and am told I am not in good standing with my account and that to get in good standing I would have to pay my bill at thier office.

By now, I am a little suspicious of what is going on and the Cox's ability to get this solved correctly as it seems to be an ongoing problem, but not with me as I am consistently doing what they ask me to do when they ask me to. So I reported them to the Better Business Bureau of Baton Rouge for this issue, thinking at least I'll have some record of this whole mess happening.

When I paid the third bill for which I again had to scramble to find the time, I insisted on having someone at an upper level help me. I had the pleasure of having Angel who although provided excellent customer service, managed to perform it such in a way as to insinuate that I was making an issue out of nothing, when I came to find out that the problem was Cox not telling me that I needed to pay not only the money that was due, but also the next month's bill to attain good standing and have the automatic debit request be accepted, and that was discovered only after I insisted on having Cox put the automatic debit in place while I was present at their office.

The worst part about it was that I never heard an, "I'm sorry for your inconvenience" even after I explained numerous times what was a true inconvenience this whole mess was. It took them two months to respond to the BBB complaint saying only that it had been resolved with an insinuation that I had made a premature complaint.

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  • An
      Jul 07, 2012

    Sniff...Sniff... We are all sorry we lost part of our lives reading this. All companies make mistakes, if you want a "I am sorry" for everything every company does wrong, you would never get away from them all.

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  • Jo
      Sep 26, 2013

    My current situation is not exactly the same. I hope people will read this.
    What has happened to me was this.
    Clled cox last night to see if we could get an account. They said yes but I had to pay a deposit as I have no credit history with them. I can understand this.
    So my wife decided to go to the store and pay it this morning. They said they would be by the next day for installation.
    So now she comes home around noon and gives me the info.
    Then around 4pm I get a call from the store. They are saying I owe a past due bill for aroun $90.
    Now in no way could I have been a cox subscriber. I lived in a comcast and verizon area. The address they gave me for the past due account is from a neighboring state. The state is a cox state. So I explain this to the gentleman.
    Now they want me to provide proof of residency and a police report to clear my past bill.
    How is this even possible. When on the phone last night and in the store their was nothing said about said past bill. Also why would they take my deposit and then tell me of this hours later.
    Now my installation is on hold! Hell I even have the modem at my house for next day installation.
    I will try calling the office tomorrow in the morning and see what can happen. So far it appears they have "stolen" my money.
    Maybe I can get a manager in the billing dept.

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  • Au
      Aug 11, 2015

    Here's one for you... I go into the cox store to upgrade my Modem.. (but since I had purchased my own modem they would not swap it out... I had to pay for it). In the store one of the guys seemed very honest and said we could buy a better modem elsewhere.. my wife loved that idea, but me (always wanting to get it done and marked off the list), I decided to just purchase the modem at the store. We went across the street and my wife did some research and decided we could order a better modem through - prime. So, I returned the modem just an hour or so after purchasing it (and supposedly would be credited back - even steven). Well, here we are in August and my cox bill is bigger.. so i call yesterday and the gal at cox said that she saw that I had purchased and returned the modem, but that two days later we purchased another one. So, I chalked it up to my own bad memory and said ok. Today I ran it by my wife (who remembers everything - good and bad- since the beginning of time) and she pulls up the receipt on her phone. ugh.. So I call Cox back.. and the guy was insistent, no matter how many times I told him that we did NOT purchase a modem through them... Finally after the 3rd time I told him and the third time I was on hold, he came back and told me that there was a mistake and that they would take care of it. The funny thing is, .. they (Cox) showed the second 'Modem' charge on the same day that we received it from Amazon and hooked it up. I'm usually not suspicious (and have NEVER written a review before) but I don't want someone else to be falsely charged. Overall my service with Cox has been ok.. some gray area here and there.. and some so- so service at times - but that's what I'd expect from a big company. However, .. this seemed a bit sneaky to me. And by the way, .. the first time I called the gal (yesterday) she knew the exact modem I had .. and i read her the serial number - and she said 'YUP' that's the one you purchased from us. So, beware, .. once you hood up a modem they know exactly what it is and might 'accidentally - through a glitch or 'wrong code entered' charge you.

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