Cox Communicationstechnician stole my jewelery box

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Last tuesday I ordered cox tv service to be added to my account, on wednesday morning the cox cable tech showed up on time, he had to hook up the tvs in 4 rooms of the house, and while working in my bedroom, I was standing next to him, till when my baby started crying, I left the room and ran to my son, by the time I he finished, I went back to my bedroom, realized that my jewelery box went missing!!
That's outrageous!!!
That lowlife stole all our jewelery and that's basically all what we had.

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  • Co
      Nov 22, 2010

    I apologize for any distress this situation has caused. If you would like assistance resolving this matter please feel free to email me at hrd-hsi.[protected]


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  • An
      Jul 07, 2012

    Well, can you prove that the Cox employee took it? My word it's hard to believe anyone would not only have the guts, but have a way to hide such a thing without you noticing. Not to mention who would take the risk of losing their job over something so petty. And for you to call him a low life just makes you look like one your self for calling him that without getting all the facts first. Some people I swear. No wonder why America is going down hill. Jumping to conclusions. I hope you found you jewelery box that probably fell on the floor somewhere.

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