Cox Communication / my phone bill

Contact information:
Phone: 760-8288020

I am trying to get a copy of my bill. I phoned Cox. My phone number was not recognized by the system even though Cox installed it themselves. I tried several times. Same result. I phoned. They said the bill was sent. However, I had ebills so the bills were sent to Bank of America where I had paid them through online banking. I have since changed banks and wanted to let Cox know that.

They sent my bill to my email address, but they will not discuss my situation without a PIN which I will find -- guess where? -- ON MY BILL.

I have asked them to mail my bill to my home address. They have responded that they have to follow FCC guidlines. I wrote back asking if the FCC prevented them from using the U.S. Post Office.

I am so frustrated I can hardly breathe. I actually asked them in my last email if they were ###ed.

I hope you can resolve this problem. All I want is my bill. I can send their emails to you upon request.68dd

Thank you, Judy Mock

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