Cox Communication / rebate

Cox Advertised up $300.00 Visa Card Rebate when switching from Dish or any other service... I switched and was all pumped up about it because the way i saw it was I would not only break even but get an extra $100 since i had a $200 cancellation fee with Dish... you make the transaction and they say your eligible... They didnt say anything about a rebate form and i did not receive one in the mail... so 2 + months later i call about it and GUESS WHAT... they are sorry they will send me the information there intent was not to try and have us forget... So yeah now I have to wait for the form and then send it out which they say it will take several weeks to receive... and this is after I have to try and find the rebate form cause they were suppose to email it to me after we got off the phone...GUESS WHAT ...I still dont have it and it has been a couple of hours!!!

Sometimes i wonder if they do this intentionally... hoping the consumer forgets...,

Att did it to me awhile back saying my rebate form had the incorrect address on there mailer so they never received ... It would not have been processed if I had not checked on it... That is the same thing going on here... they have no information on my rebate and if i would not have called i would have never received it... Thats a lot of money for entertainment and i think they need to realize people dont have to have their products.

As for proof... there is none cause they didnt send the paper work!!!

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