Cox Cable / lied to 3 times

North Las Vegas, NV, United States

Went in to the location on rancho in las vegas sign up for new service was quoted 84 dollas for 6 months ( first lie) Employe said the would be on on monday to hook everything up (second lie) about one week later went to hook boxes in house nothing was working called cust service they said that they wernt sure it was even if cable was in the street told me it would be four days before they could come out and the bill would be ajusted (3rd lie) in the mean time i recived my first bill $123 not the price i was quoted and my cable was not even hooked to my house call they said the have no speicals at what they quoted me went on the the intenet with in 5 mins found better prices than i was qouted wow how can a company get away with this


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