Courts Singapore / flexi plan misleading and overcharging


I went to orchard courts to get 2 iphone 7 and the staff told me to cm bk evening to wait approval n notify me results by calling me and I found out they didnt even submit my documents req for flexi and when I went to e store 3rd time they told me to cm back tml. When I ask abt interest, they mention 2% and only after documemts printed out den they show me by 2yrs period in returning the amt which consists of 250 monthly (*note: the retail price for that 2 hp cost 3k plus) when I told them I wan 1yr they say cant cos my monthly payment will be 500 a mth. Ended up I checked that it was 2 percent monthly on interest. So 2 yrs instalmemt, I will be returning courts 6k plus in total for 2 hp. And they don't even have a store num to call at. Hope case sg wil look into this matter

May 3, 2017

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