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Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
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I placed an order for a package from America last week on Tuesday. service from UPS was great ! they had my package here in South Australia by that Friday, however apon delivery with couriers please i was very unhappy with the way my delivery was delt, was appalling and i will not be getting any future delivery’s done by this company!
apon redelivery as i was at work during the hours my package was delivered i instructed the driver that was delivering my package to open my gate using the pin code given and leave it at the door for when i got home. when i got home from work my package was in my front garden as though it had been chucked over the fence !
my front fence is not small it would be easily 6 foot as this is why i gave them permission to open my gate with my given pin code...and my package was laying on its side within the bushes out the front of my home i am disgusted in the lack of care that was used while delivering with a service that i thought was meant to be great and reliable ! very very unhappy customer. will never use this company again .

Oct 23, 2017

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