[Resolved] CouponCabin(un) successful customer service/deleted my account.

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This was my experience after I had some questions... The customer (un)successful manager took it personally and ended my year long membership because she felt bummed and hopelessly frustrated! You think you are earning from this site.. But when they figure you are earning more they will try to play you down and trick you like I got! This manager was rude, unapologetic for the service and deleted a customer account just because she felt like doing it! Oh and did I tell you they traced my ip and blocked the access??? How many federal rules are they going to break?

Hello, sweetu.

I'm bummed to hear how poorly you think of couponcabin and what a disappointment we are. We've been in business for over 14 years now and have millions of happy, enthusiastic and loyal customers, so to hear that we've let you down so badly is not normal for us. While we certainly understand that this situation is no fun for you, please know being the source of your frustration is equally no fun for us. At this point, does it make sense for us to close your account and issue you a final payment for your $xx in pending cash back? This is usually a ten day process but if you'd like, based on your note, I can escalate this to our chief financial officer so we can get a final payment processed within the next 48 hours. Since the last thing we want to do is to continue to frustrate you, if I do not hear back from you by this time tomorrow, I will move forward with getting this final payment out.

This is what shows on my account for asking questions about the cashback!

This account has violated one of more of couponcabin's policies and, as a result, is no longer active. This is most often due to:

The access, creation or use of multiple couponcabin cash back accounts. If you think you may have another account, please login here
Multiple accounts from the same household or computer network/ip address redeeming offers marked for "new members only"
Multiple accounts from the same household or computer network/ip address redeeming offers marked for "members only" which have limited quantities available
You are located or reside outside of the united states
You are under the age of 18
For details on these and other possible reasons why your account is inactive, please refer to our terms and conditions.

If you feel your account was deactivated in error, please contact us.

  • Resolution statement

    No resolutions provided.. just paid my dues n deleted my account! Such a theiving jerks! Outright liars!

  • CouponCabin Customer Care's Response, Oct 31, 2017

    As you know, a full and final payout was made to you for your account balance so we’d ask that you delete the line about losing money since this is just not accurate. We can just do no right by you, Sweetu. Despite us responding to you in a courteous manner, everything we do upsets you such that you use extreme profanity. It’s no fun for us to be the source of this frustration or to be spoken to like this. That said, we think it’s just best for everyone if we both just go our own ways at this point.

Oct 30, 2017
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  • Sw
      Nov 01, 2017

    2 things:
    1st: why there was a personal rage and threatening taken out on me by this so called manager?
    2nd: yes i did loose some part of the money which were still processes or in the past.
    Just because the customer questions doesn't mean to act profanely and take personal and sick rage on them. You guys earn coz we the customers shop and not the other way round!

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  • No
      Nov 06, 2017

    Full and final payment was NOT made to me. I had around $100 scheduled to be paid to me this month. Suddenly, before receiving this payment, my account is inactivated. When money is scheduled to be paid, it needs to be paid, but mine was taken away. I'm now out $100. This is such a scam and people need to be made aware to NEVER use Coupon Cabin.

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  • Je
      Dec 11, 2017

    I began using Coupon Cabin this past summer. Amazing. As soon as I received notice that I would be issued a check a couple months ago, and that it would be issued Dec. 6th, (FYI, I have not received it) just this evening I received notice that I was " using multiple accounts" and a dotted list of other possible reasons why my account was blocked and that my cash back cannot be issued. [censor]. Funny thing is my sister, and my niece also received that same notices this week and were blocked from their accounts and will not receive their cash back either. Hmmmmm. I smell something fishy!! We each received the exact same emails which we have screen shots of and we will contact the BBB, social media, FOX News, CNN whomever to get this corrected. Either they have a scammer within the company or the company is a big scam itself. My sister and my niece, and myself live in different towns, do not share computers, accounts, names or anything. I am contacting each company that I made purchases with and letting them know of our concerns. I contacted CouponCabin, no answer, just was able to leave a message with " Scott". I also made a screen shot of my email message to Coupon Cabin as to my concerns and will let the world know of their response. We've committed no violations what so ever, we want to see proof of that, we want an apology, we want answers and we want our cash back that should be coming to us. Jeanne B.

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