Countrywide Periodicals / son tried to cancel and was not allowed to now in collection

United States

My son who is 18 was called about subscription to 5 magazines. Of course he thought how cool because he was promised a ipad and never received this. He also only received 1 magazine out of 5. Being he is 18 he really did not understand the whole system of agreeing to this. His bank account was charged and when he saw the charge he did a stop payment as he never realized what the chage was for he thought someone got a hold of his acct. His dept card was changed for this reason. Move forward several months and he now has been contacted by collections. He has no problem paying for the magazines he received but it was only 1 type of magazine ESPN and only for 3 months. Never recieved any others as promised. The collection agency was requiring over 500 dollars from him as they said he agreed to 5 years of the magazine. My son being only 18 and having a disability really did not understand what he was getting into. My son currently is volunteering working at a boy scout camp for the entire summer and unable to deal with this. The collection agency has told him they will take him to court to get the money and now want over 1, 000. What 18 year old has this money he does not have a job and is doing a good deed by volunteering the entire summer at boy scout camp. He even has told the collection agency that he needs to deal with this when he is done volunteering but they said too bad we will take you to court.
i am writing this on his behalf as he is not able to right now and does not have internet at the boy scout camp.
How can this be resolved he would like to pay for the 1 type of magazine received he never received any other than ESPN.
Please advise and he has asked that I speak on his behalf.

Aug 07, 2016

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