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I was about to graduate from high school during my senior year and I was phoned by this company, Countrywide Periodicals. They said that I was going to be entered into a sweepstakes competition with the agreement that I 'tried' out their magazines for $50 a month. I agreed at first, but attempted to cancel a day or two later. I read that you can cancel subscriptions to any other magazine company if you are not satisfied, however, when i tried to they said that I could not do it since I agreed to subscribe. I was stupid enough to say, "Ok." and then tried to move on with my life. I never got a bill, the papers appeared to look different than what real magazine subscribers send for bills, and to top it all off, they said I owed them $697.34 for the full year! A "debt consolidator" called me again and said that she was going to do me a favor and reduce the payment to only $347.72 dollars. I agreed, hoping that maybe this will rid them for good. well, to my knowledge, I have don't know when they will stop asking me for money. I put a stop to the payment after I had given the woman my information, including the routing number of my bank, and my checking account number. I know now that I was not supposed to give that kind of information out over the phone. I also gave her my check number, my address, and she already had my number. Her name was Lori Jordan. Once I put a stop to it, I got a letter in the mail saying that I still owed them money. And they apparently don't have spell check because they spelled "immediatly" instead of "immediately"They stated, "Your settlement offer on the account is now in serious jeopardy of being revoked." I fear that they will try to take matters into their own hands and try to take it up with the courts. I am not sure what to do, but currently, I am looking up information and hoping to find a solution to this year long problem.

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  • Ka
      Jan 11, 2010

    In addition to the complaint above, I'd like to state that I discovered that this supposed company that was lowering my debt happened to be in conjuction with a bad rep company as well. Behind their lovely address label I found another magazine company that had tried to screw people over. So i am seeking legal action.

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  • Ap
      Jan 24, 2010

    Im in the same boat but my lovely husband gave them our credit card info so we have no choice but to pay the amount every month we tried to cancel but they would only let us lower our payment to 33.20. This just sucks!!! While getting ready to do our taxes i found out exactly how much we spent on magazines that we just throw in the trash almost $500!! We just found out that we r expecting and what to put that money in savings for the baby...Im going to call them again but it probably wont help. If anyone has any idea how to cancel please let me know.

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  • Te
      Feb 12, 2010

    Who is countrywide Periodials anyway. I have a $79 charge on my debit an d i don't know who or what they are? HELP

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  • Go
      May 04, 2010

    I JUST got off the phone after an hour speaking with 3 different customer reps. i am such a dummy to fall for their scam. I wasn't able to cancel during their 3 day grace period only because I was laid off and had to move out of my home. And sure enough, the 1 supervisor, 1 rep and 1 head of the department mocked my irresponsibility. Their main argument was that I was given 3 days to cancel, not really considering what happened to me. I tried to reason with the rep, and even told them they have bad service and and they're being rude. The rep that I was speaking to put the phone down, laughed for a good minute, got back on the phone and said "is there anything else i can help you with?" Unbelievable. I wasn't going to hang up but the rep did. The last thing she told me was that I pushed her -- really? I didn't want the subscription anymore after finding out this business was corrupt! So I spoke to the head of customer service and I mentioned my problem and she quickly told me "Oh yea, I heard from everybody" and I said "So you were laughing with her then" and -- I couldn't believe -- she said to me "Yes, I was laughing with her" while laughing on the phone with me! She raised her voice speaking to me and mocked the fact that my reason to cancel was because I lost my job. And even had the audacity to tell me that she expected me to comment on websites saying I wasn't given an option --- even though I never mentioned not being given any. Like the other people have mentioned, I'm going to have to cancel my bank account. I was so stupid to ever give in to this and I've definitely learned a big lesson.

    The only way I think you can do is talk to your bank, they normally side with their customers. If anything, cancel your bank account. Good luck and I hope you get rid of this company hassling you.

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  • Li
      Sep 14, 2011

    I am going through the same exact thing with this company!! They are calling me almost daily because I canceled my card and they are no longer getting their payments. Every time I try to talk to them they "remind" me that I had the 3 day cancellation. When I called in those 3 days I had to leave a voicemail, and ironically, they called back 4 days later! Every single person I talk to is extremely rude!!

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  • Mu
      Nov 18, 2011

    I can't believe everybody is going through the same thing and nothing can be done. There has to be a legal way to prove what they are doing. I told them that I was going to sue them, and the woman said that everything was recorded. And that's exactly the point, I can remember very well repeating to the woman "so you'll charge me 66.41 for one month...and that's it, right?" They never told me I had three days to cancel, and I never received anything they promised. I have paid $199.23 and I have received only 4 magazines. I'm going to start researching to find out if we all can get together and stop this scam. I will let you know!!!

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  • Mu
      Nov 18, 2011

    As I was checking my options I came across this page:
    Just go there and issue a complaint. Its the Federal Trade Commision Bureau of Consumer Protection. I hope we get some answers soon.

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  • La
      Dec 11, 2012

    what is the number for this company because they called me from an unknown number and I need to cancel?

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  • Am
      Feb 04, 2013

    Their number for customer service is 406-961-1300

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