Countrywide Periodical Inc. / Customer service and deceitful practice

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Countrywide Periodicals Incorporated is a scam and does NOT practice business. Apparently, Countrywide has no idea how to imitate a practical business. You cannot make this obvious to them due because they've no practice with running an ethical business, they're blinded by their deceitful stances, and furthermore have no idea of other state's statutes that their are trying to appeal to. Countrywide takes a friendly approach to customers at first, however if you decide to cancel an order your perspective will drastically change. If you are given trouble by this company, just take advice that I received...ignore them. Go cancel your credit or debit card information that they have. They will call you every month reminding you that your payments are due, and just remind them that you are not going to pay. That is what happened to me. They couldn't give me customer courtesy and remember for their lives that i wasn't going to pay them.

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  • Mm
      Apr 12, 2012

    I'm a victim from this so call scam company as well...they have taken 33.20 out of our acct 2 times...I have never talk to these ppl and never gave them my cc card number...I have GOT to figure out how to stop them from taken money out of our account...can someone help me please!!!

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  • Kd
      May 30, 2012

    I am dealing with the same situation. They are now calling me from a collections agency, claiming I owe them $800!

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