Country club / false promises which made to take, membership need cancellation

Bangalore, India
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Country club sarjapur executives Mr Toshiq and Abdul promised me endless things on march 25 2017, and took my hard earned money (50k) from debit card wth promising 0% EMI/ECS with 850 rs monthly for 5 years and anytime after year i can get it cancelled and even they will get it selled for me if im not happy with services. End result thy debited by 50 k money and promised for EMI/ECS and remaining amount will get refunded to me within some days.

Which is still not happened and everytime i reach out then they used to avoid me and delay with again some false things.
Now they asking me to bring credit card as ECS is not happening due to their some issues. ( which i enquired with my bank they never recevied any such requests from them - Another fraud /Lie )

I want to cancel this membership and want my entire money back as they failed to fulfil their promises.
All promises they maid verbally are no were written in Agreement.

I have been chasing them from months now without any correct support.

May 12, 2017

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