Coral Resorts / Libel/Slander

United States

Not so much a complaint here, but a warning after what happened to us with this website and one other. We just bought with coral resorts last year and had some complaints. Foolishly we posted on here thinking that it would help, or get a result. Not only did it not get a result, but we used the salespersons name . Even though the site is based out of Latvia..or something, this does fall under libel and defamation of character in the US and Canada. We were slapped with a lawsuit within 2 months and luckily the salesperson accepted our apology, and we got out of it. If you notice not many people on here use specific names for this reason, it is an open and shut case for any lawyer. The resort actually made the salesperson aware of our complaint, and it's only a matter of time before they notify yours. Don't forget we all bought from the resort, the salespersons name is not anywhere in our contract, or anyones. That is what got is in hot water. Also, call the owner services, I know they are hard to get but they actually managed to work out our issues very easily. Now I have to complain about my OTHER timeshare in Westgate... Hope this gets to you before a libel suit does, they are not fun. I have contacted a few of you directly, and I hope everyone reads this now. Some friends of ours that posted on their Daytona unit were not as lucky as us and are paying more for the suit than they did for the timeshare. We know where you all are coming from, just be careful on these things, because the site will not let you take down your posts. Good Luck Everyone


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