CooperVision / rebate!

El Paso, TX, United States

I would like to voice my displeasure with your company. I have used coopervision and been a customer for years and have never been treated so poorly and had to jump through hoops like this before. I submitted my rebate with all of the necessary paperwork and waited three weeks to receive any news (which was not a problem). I then received an email saying my rebate was rejected for not sending the proper paperwork despite my confirming with my eye doctor and lens store that I indeed sent all of the correct paperwork so as I did not call unnecessarily to your company if I was wrong. After confirming I sent the proper paperwork I called hoping to easily fix the issue, only to be met with menu after menu after menu which seemed to be there to hopefully just discourage people from speaking with someone to get their rebate that your company promised. After my 3rd call and more menus I finally spoke to a representative who I had hoped would have been helpful and see the frustration as you're all people too. Instead I was met with a frankly disrespectful agent who seemed more interested in arguing with me than looking into the issue. After he was done arguing with me I asked that he please just take a look, and low and behold within seconds was not only able to find my record but that I had in fact submitted everything properly. He smugly claimed that because my receipts were "Hard to read electronically" that the automated system simply rejected the claim. I asked why was there no fail safe for situations like this and many others likely lost their rebate despite following all of the instructions. I was told to "calm down" as he continued to argue that it was the automated system that failed. I understand it isn't his direct fault for what occurred but I am extremely disappointed that your company boasts rebates and (seemingly purposefully at this point) created a system to make it hard if not impossible for people to claim them. On top of it all I asked for a confirmation email to ensure this time I would receive my rebate and I was told just "No, " and told my card will be in the mail in 4-6 weeks. 4-6 weeks on top of all of the waiting I have already done, the trouble I went through today for the $50 that your company promised is an "Easy Rebate" for choosing you. That's poor customer service without a doubt and although I am certain I will not hear anything back and this email will be deleted without reading because that's what your company has shown to me, and at this point without some sort of answers for what happened I certainly will never buy from you again. My hope is that when I post my experience everywhere I can think of, others see what happened to me and realize they were scammed too and come forward to get the money they deserved for shopping with your company. To cap it all off, after I was told it was approved I checked online and it only says pending! NEVER AGAIN

Jan 26, 2017

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