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Okay, so my whole life I have used acuvue lenses, and got them from lens crafters. I moved to quincy a few years ago, and due to money issues, I wore glasses. When my bf offered to buy me a years worth for xmas, I was elated. I went to the local lens crafters and paid the 89 for the exam. I feel like I was duped. I was not told my lenses wouldnt be accuvue-I assumed after I told him my brand, that was what I would get. Not true. I got my box of cooper vision lenses weeks later, and almost immediately had problems. The lenses get so dry in class that I look like im struggling to stay awake, which is not the case. Also I noticed a line in every lense ive opened up so far. Today was the last straw-I put in this pair a week ago, and my eye hurt a bit today, well my contact had an entire third ripped from it, and I dont even know where the other piece is! It could be up my eye for all I know. Why wouldnt lense crafters let me know about the difference in quality? I would have bought my accuvue had I known I was getting coopers, and that they were awful. My bf and I are saving for a house and my glasses are already taped on both sides, ive gone through three pairs in a month and a half! Im very upset and want everyone to know do your research before you go to lense crafters and let them order anything

Feb 19, 2013
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      Feb 21, 2013

    Thank you for your post and the thoughts you have shared. Please contact us at [protected] and provide your contact information so we can follow up with you. We also request that you keep any used and unused lenses. These will be very helpful for us as we look into your concerns and better understand what has happened.

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