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1 Cheyenne, WY, United States

I've placed a couple of orders before with no complaint other than a memory of coarse, bordering on hostile, customer service. That general tone hasn't changed. The impression that I was barely being tolerated was palpable. It seemed like the representative (partner?) would just as likely tell a customer to go screw themselves as he would help them place an order.
The issue I'm having is no response to a tracking number request. I've made multiple requests over a two day period. I do a considerable amount of online purchasing and they are way behind the times when it comes to providing order status or tracking info. It's been more than a week so far and still no tracking number. Most companies send that info within a couple of days.
10 days in now and still no info about order status, "Steven" has managed to email 3 times without providing order status info or a tracking number. He was more concerned about an unflattering review on a different site than he was with addressing my request.
At 12:30 pm E.S.T. on a Monday and they're not answering their phone, either that or they block the numbers of customers who have the nerve to ask anything of them.
Since my order was paid in full using an FSA visa I really don't want to mess with a refund or a charge dispute. Unfortunately, I may have that to deal with that as well as starting the order and wait process with another company.
Making things difficult when it comes to checking order status is way out of the e-commerce norm.
The bottom line is that there are way too many other choices when it comes to online contacts. These guys are well below average when it comes to customer service, and their prices are neither the best nor worth the kind of hassles that substandard customer service creates.
If you're lucky enough to have researched these guys before you gave them money, keep shopping.

Aug 10, 2015

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