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Consumer Portfolio Services / COMPANY IS A SCAM

1 Irvine, CA, United States Review updated:

I was financed through another Company for my car loan. The finance went bankcrupt, and CPS took over.. I was sent ONE letter informing me of the company change, along with my new account number. I lost all my documents while moving, and tried to contact CPS to get my account number so I could send my payment. I called numerous times, and could not get in contact with any live person. I was always referred to leave a voice message with a return number and my Social security number( which is very unsafe to do). I NEVER received a return call. I received NO aditional bills to make a payment, and no call backs. It has now been four months and still no catact has been successful. Now they are looking for my car for reposession, and have not gotten any advance notice. I am still trying to contact CPS, and still no contact, and no return call. DO NOT GET FINANCED WITH THIS COMPANY IF YOU ARE SEEKING A LOAN FOR A CAR. This is a Dishonest company, avoiding your payments only to repo your car and sell it to collect the dept from the companies they take over. BEWARE if your company has been taken over by CPS. You'll be sure to lose your verhicle.

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  • Nu
      14th of May, 2010
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    I can actully get though after an hour! to make the phone call, but as people transfer you over and over and over!!! and then when you try to get a code they transfer you to a california # and then they put u on hold, I used to have a different company and CPS toke over, they are the most retarted excuse for a company!!! I just actully spoke with a live rep. and she actully said to me "we got your old companies accts. and are totally sure what to do with them" REALLY!!! [censored] get a clue and train all the people that work there or give them to someone else!!!

  • Cp
      3rd of Jun, 2010
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    I used CPS to finance my vehicle loan back in 2007. I made perfect payments to them every month and there was no problem, however after 7 months of perfect payments i enlisted into the military and had to leave for Basic training. I called CPS prior to leaving for Basic and explained the situation to them. I made every attempt possible to keep my account current while i would be away, offering to give them bank account and routing numbers for automatic withdrawls, offered to make payments in advance for the next four months while i would be away, and even offered to have my fiance who had power of attourney while i would be gone make payments on my behalf. CPS said none of these would work, that i personally had to call and make the payments by credit card, check by phone or mail a check monthly to them. I explained that i would be at basic training and i would not be able to do any of these options since i would not have access to a phone, my check books or credit cards for those four months. They said that is not their problem, (How patriotic of them to try and work with a soldier who is fighting and giving them the right to run this BS excuse of acompany (i use the term company VERY LOOSELY). so i told them that my only other recourse is to surrender the vehicle, i gave them the address where the vehicle would be, told them insurance and plates would be off the vehicle, and keys would be in the vehicle under the floormat on the driver side. i then left for basic. After four months i came back and the vehicle was gone, i called to confirm they had taken it and thery said they did. then i got a letter form them saying they sold the vehicle for 3500 dollars, A 2004 FORD EXPLORER 4x4 fully loaded with under 50k miles on it, ([censor]S), then further saying i owed them the balance of 12500 dollars that they lost. Well guess what, They arent gonna get it! my contract clearly states that the vehicle was put up as collateral in satisfaction of the debt in the event the loan defaulted, not my fault they sold it for less than a thrid of its worth. ever since they have been reporting the vehicle on my credit as reposessed and that the ACCOUNT IS STILL OPEN AND ACTIVE!?!?!?!?! i have faxed, mailed by certified mail, and called the company informing them of the innaccurate reporting on my credit report, they have not responded, i have disputed it with the credit agencies, and CPS confirms it is correct so it stays on as is. I called the BBB, FTC and STATE AG, and have filed greivances against the company, well see how this plays out. How can a company be allowed to conduct business like this??? and ruin peoples credit with innacurate information, and why is it that we as the consumer cant fight it with the credit bureau, all we can do is dispute it to which the reporting company only has to say yes its correct and it stays on, i have news for the credit bureaus, a company can lie (case and point CPS) just as much as a consumer can, why can a company say yes its correct and it stays on, but i cant say no its wrong and it comes off?!?!?!?!

    BTW i was able to acquire the Phone number of the Senior Vice President of Operations at CPS, along with her name, maybe i should give CPS a taste of its own medicine with the harrassing and unpleasant phone calls LMAO

  • Me
      1st of Nov, 2010
    +1 Votes

    We have been dealing with a auto finance company for 3 yrs, we ended up voluntary surrendering vehicle due to their constant hounding us, even if one day late they would call every phone we had sometimes 2-3 times daily and even call relatives and friends stating they were "CPS calling" they are consumer portfolio services. We set up arrangements of $50 mth they said it costs US $12 extra for them to process, due each mth on the 15th, they start calling us as early as the 5th of each mth every single day threats if we do not call back and "confirm" payment on the 15th. They call any and every number they have or can come up with. We have even been forced to change all our numbers and instruct family and friends to simply hang up on them!!!

  • Re
      28th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I live in Ohio and I have been dealing with this company forever. So today I get a call from Tanisha Edwards, make that two calls within 2 minutes both with voicemails stating the same thing I need to call by 2pm today this is my last day to call, blah blah blah. First off I want to say it is illegal for any company to call and leave more than one message a day. As a matter of fact they are not supposed to call you again that day once they leave the message. I was told this by a collector that works for the government collecting student loans so they should know their stuff. I will also state I never return their calls because I have learned it absolutely pointless. They will never work with you no matter what the circumstances are. So the first person I talk to I explain to her I can make the payment on next Friday. Well we cannot accept that was the answer I got. I was then transferred to Ms. Williams. She immediately got an attitude with me. I started off by telling her it was unnecessary to call me 2 times in 2 minutes and leave messages and also told her that this was illegal. She says well I have two numbers for you. I said no the calls and messages were left on the same number. Then she says well that doesn’t matter. She goes on to state so you have been receiving my calls why have you not communicated with the company who finances your car. I then tell her because every time I call no one will work with me I am generally spoken to like I am the [censor] of the earth and have even been asked to pawn things and questions like where is the money we refunded you(they once took two back to back payments out). She then goes on to say well I have excellent customer service and I treat people the way I want to be treated so if you give me attitude I will give you attitude. So I tell her I cannot make a payment until next Friday. She says well you were paid 2 times in January so why have you not paid. I then explained that one check pretty much goes to rent and then on my last check I had an unexpected car repair that took my car payment. Well she says that's not my problem, it's your problem to figure out how to make the payment, you are driving our car for free we don't care about your other bills it is up to you to figure out how you are going to pay us you are two months behind. Every time I tried to say something she cut me off (She has excellent customer service remember) then I tell her well if you can't wait one week you will have to come get the car. She says how much mileage is on it I was like what does that matter? She gave me a big sigh and was like just tell me. I was like I am not in the car so I do not know. Well what condition is it in? I responded good. Where is the vehicle parked? I told her you have my address you figure it out. She then says okay this conversation is over have a good day. So I ask to speak to her supervisor. I then get Cherise (which is probably not a supervisor) I ask her so when are you picking the car up. She says well as of right now it is not out for repossession, when can you pay? So I have to go through all of this for the third time now with the third person. So I tell her I am making a payment next Friday for my December payment. My income tax return will be in right after that and I will make January's payment and then in two more weeks I will pay Feb which would make me current. She then says well your car is three months behind so we cannot make any arrangements with you. I was like I just told you I am willing to give you almost 900 dollars next month to cover the past due months and the current month. She says well you cannot negotiate the terms you are driving our car for free. I cannot tell you when this will go for repossession but I advise you to pay as soon as possible. Can you borrow the money? I say no. Have you tried to borrow the money? I say yes. Can you take out a payday loan? I say no I am not going that route I am not going to take out a payday loan for 300 so I can owe that place 400. Okay well then all I can do is note your account and this conversation is over. Have a good day.. Are you kidding me? I am so sick of this company! I just don't know what to do, you try to talk to them and they are unreasonable you don't talk to them and they get all upset about that. WTF any advice would be great!!

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