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Consumer Portfolio Services / They are the worst!!!

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I too have incurred the wrath of CPS. They told me that unless I set up a postdated check they will call everyday. They have been rude to my co-workers, talk like street thugs, and belittle and mock me. I have been reduced to tears more than once. They have called one of my best friends at her teaching job asking about my payments(humiliating) and have said things like "Please stop screaming at me, threatening me" when I am not even speaking at that moment. I call to make a payment and they continually hang up or we get "disconnected" and it will take like 20 minutes to complete a payment. They all have attitudes that would match a fighting dog. I hope something can be done because the anxiety from it all is intense.

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  • Li
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    If you payed your car note on time. That would not be a problem. dont you see how the market is at this time its because people like you that want to drive nice cars but cant keep there word, and make there car payment on time. I know stuff happens to good people. That why CPS gives loans to people that have got into some credit problems in the past. BUT people like you have credit problems in the past and now and in the future>BECAUSE YOU JUST DONT CARE. you'll file BK every 7 yrs and clear your debt. That why banks cant aford to give any loans out to people that REALY want to fix there credit not just get a FREE RIDE. ANY ONE AGREES WITH YOU ALSO ARE DELINQUENT ON THERE AUTO/BILLS

  • Jm
      6th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    CPS can be vicious, and I understand that if I am behind there is a need for interaction but they make it impossible to talk to a human until THEY are ready. When you finally reach someone breathing and able to respond, be prepared to be berated and made to feel like a horrible person for having financial problems

  • Sa
      11th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    It's obvious that "Lisa" continues to post comments in defense of CPS. "Lisa" must understand that everyone including herself will experience some financial difficulties a few times especially with our current economic difficulties. I totally agree that this company has no business etiquette's. Their customer service reps are very rude and are only willing to take your call if you have a past due payment. I attempted to contact CPS for an entire week to discuss lowering the interest rate on the loan which in turn would lower my monthly payments. Each time I would call and enter my account info to speak with a rep, they'd pick up the line and hang up immediately. It took me 6 days to finally get a rep on the line. I ask the rep if there was anyone I could speak to in regards to lowering the interest rate on my car loan and he stated to me in a rude manner "we don't lower interest rates, read the fine print on your contract, you signed it didn't you." I was very surprised at his response given I was very polite and not to mention current on my loan. He also went on to say that they are a "second chance" lender so I just needed to pay my loan off. I 'm very annoyed given I was not asking to escape from paying my loan, I just wanted to lower the interest rate. This company will soon be out of business at the rate in which they are going. so many people will eventually default on their loans and file bankruptcy. I hate that I was so upside down on the two vehicles in which I traded in to obtain this one. I appreciate their assisting me at the time, however they need to know and understand that people loose jobs and experience other financial difficulties.

  • Bo
      14th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Do you work for CPS?

  • Bb
      23rd of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    They do the same to us. Change your Cell and home Phone, Screen your call. If anyone calls let them leave a message and return the calls that is important to you. Never give your job # when you are requesting credit. Give your cell phone # instead. These people are really terrible . I hate them the very name CPS. Make your payment on their website. You dont have to talk to them to hear their nasty mouth. Before I forget, they call from different numbers and places, that is why I told you to let your answering machine do the listening. Treat them with the silent treatment.

  • Sh
      30th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I agree with you totally. They do the same thing to me. They call me constantly at work and at home. I do return their phone calls daily, only to be told they do not post date checks. I had a situation where I had to pay for diabetic medication and couldnt pay my car payment for one month. I have paid my car payment monthly since then only to be harrassed every month because I can not make a double payment to get current. They have reduced me to tears several times as well. I know what your talking about with the "dropped calls" I know they are hanging up on me and have done in more times then I care to count. As soon as I tell them my name/account number they hang up on me or say they have to transfer me and then we get disconnected! I call back to have the same thing done over and over. I call to make a payment and because I can do it the day they want it they refuse to take the payment. What is it? Do you want the payment or not? If you dont stop calling me and come get the dang car. I have told them several times to come and get the car, they always threaten they are going to do that but never do. Per the FDCPA we have told them numerous time to quit calling our place of employment phone and our cell phones, they refuse to do this and are breaking the law. They threaten me every month that my payments are not acceptable and they are going to get the car. I have told them numerous times to come and get it and here it sits. I feel im doing as well as most right now and doing the best I can, if one payment a month is not enough for you then come get the dang car and shut up!

  • Mo
      15th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    DONT give these people your work phone number. I just switched jobs and will definitely not let them know abou it. I got behind on my payment (By a month due to being laid off) and they have been calling my parents 3000 miles away. WTF? Now my parents think Im a dead beat for not paying for my car. They say they are going to reposess it. Really? Just a month late? I've been hiding the car bcs im worried they reallywill take it. Does anyone know how far behind you have to be for them to take it? Also, has anyone ever had a car repossesed by them? What happens? Do they take you to court? I want to get rid of this ### car. It's about to break down anyways and is costing me like $500 a month. Total rip off. NOt to mention the interest rate.

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