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They told me I'd get the first month free, but I was billed for it. So I called to straighten that out, and they said it was straightened out. Then, suddenly I'm a month behind on my account because I didn't pay for the first month before I got the second month's bill. I had to pay for the first month then just so they wouldn't cut my service off.

Good luck if you want to talk with someone, because they're only available during EST business hours, and the wait these days is from five to ten minutes, assuming you have that much time to waste during your business day, with no possibility of them putting you on a list to call you back. One time I tried to chat with someone on line, and I was #99 in the queue.

Recently, I got an email from someone in billing saying they'd call me on a certain day. It never happened. Apparently, they've become too big for their britches and are too cheap to hire additional help.

Dec 08, 2018

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