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I set up this account in November. I was charged a ridiculous amount and had to go through several different services and had to aptly each of them to work with cons call home. It cost me$ 120.00 to set the Damn account up, and it took several hours to do th o s and get all the connections lined up to ensure I could receive my calls from my friend in prison. I set up the account, and knew I would not be using their services after the money I applied ran out. My friend was transferred the beginning of January and we stayed in contact via mail. I was reviewing my bank card statement, and was pissed to say 're leaf when I saw that cons call home had been debiting my account or $30.50 for the past three months, and I hadn't even been using the Damn account. Then, I April, they get real greedy and charge an extra $5.00 out of nowhere for who knows what. Now. I get to drain several more hours, and days to try and get my $130.00 back from these crooks. True that...crooks...crooks and more crooked than I could have imagined. They went into my personal account and continually drew out money that was mine to pay my bills, and they straight up robbed me, and when they saw they were getting away with it, these greedy bast***s tax an additional 5 bucks, I'm so irritated. Don't use this outfit. They say it costs a small, amount to set up...###, it cost me over $100.00 just to set up. And then they stole $130.00 after that first ridiculous amount. Don't use these a**holes

Apr 16, 2016

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