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Complete Nutrition / Worst Customer Service, to the point of harrasment

1 United States

On 3/3/09 I went into the Complete Nutrition store and was approached by Shane Chase who claimed to be the owner of the establishment. He showed me a weight loss product that his other customers had lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks. He told me the program I was considering would last me 2 ½ months. I purchased the "Reveal" program that came with 3 packs of Ephedrine and an extra pack of Ephedrine for free. I started the program the next day in the morning and followed his instructions for the next 5 days. I did not lose any weight and I woke up feeling nauseous at night.

On 3/10/09 I went back to the store to return the products. At first Mr. Chase told me that they do not accept returns on opened products. I informed him that I had read his return policy and that it stated differently. He then insulted me and claimed that I had not taken then pills as directed and he would count them. He told me that not all the bottles in the system he sold me would not last 2 ½ months even though he told me they would before. He also asked me " Are you REALLY working out?" and then his female employee seemed to feel the need to step in between me and him and try to help me. She tried to discuss why I was having problems with the program and I told her about the nausea. Mr. Chase again stepped in and said that he would honor the return policy and give me an in store credit but that I would have to spend it right then. I didn't have time or know how to spend so much money at that time so I told him that I would be back.

On 3/11/09 I spent the day doing research on the products he had given me and found out that the Ephedrine he sold me for weight loss was actually for breathing problems and did not say anything on the package about weight loss. I researched the Code of Alabama and I think that Mr. Chase is in violation of Title 8 Section 8-19-5. My aunt and I went back to the store that evening to speak with Mr. Chase on his practices and to finish the return. Mr. Chase claimed that everyone knows that Ephedrine is for weight loss even though it's not labeled for it. Mr. Chase was pretty upset when my aunt asked him about why he felt the need to insult me the night prior. He claims he never insulted me, but he did say those things that I have claimed. Mr. Chase then had a change of heart and decided to give me a full refund. I thanked him, and his reply was that he can not believe that that I said that he insulted me and that he has never had a return. His store has only been open for 6 weeks. After the refund my aunt and I immediately left. I received a call a short time later from Mr. Chase. He said that he wanted to apologize for how everything went with me, but he thinks my aunt should come back and apologize to him because I did not take 7 days worth of pills, he counted them. I told him that I never said I took 7 days worth, I took 5. I told him I would be contacting the AG regarding his misrepresentation of the item he sold to me and to never call me again.


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