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Commonwealth Bank / insurance

1 sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Last year i consolodated my loan and credit cards into the cba to help pay them off quicker, instead of 7 yrs i could do it within 2yrs,
Because i wanted life of loan, they somehow regenerated my policy so i had two going, Which made it $40 amonth instead of $20
Also had homecontents doubled up which was $100 a month instead of $50
Then I had also cancelled another home contents insurance 2yrs ago but the cba hadnt cancelled it so it was still going after 2yrs when i had cancelled that bank account and hadnt lived there for 2yrs.
So instead of only $70 a month taken they were taking$190 a month at different times and several times i had been charged $30 each if i didnt have money in the account, cause i wasn't expecting any to be taken out i didnt have money there.
I had called cba and insurance a couple of times but none of them could help me they were either rude or didnt believe me but they did return the fees.
Luckily i had gone into the branch and the girl could actually see what was happening she gave me back, any fees, and fixed the account, then a couple of months after i noticed the life of loan was happening so i had to have the amended.
They cancelled one policy of each and gave me the money back and kept the other one going, is there anyway i could get out of my loan because of all this trouble.
The only way i could get the money back was if the insurance companies said if i don't make a fuss, and that they send me a letter saying that my premiums were paid in advance, (so they wouldnt look like they have made a mistake.
I requested a letter stating that i wanted that they made a mistake not me and exactly how much and when they took out the money. (which they wouldnt do for me.
No where had i signed for the extra policies and i had not received any bank statements when i did the amounts were not on there.
This has caused me great stress and many times i was worried and concerned about not having the money,
Also when u call enquiries you don't get that days money going in or out.
Again is there any way i can get out of my loan contract or have someone to talk to about it.
Not happy


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