Comfort Suites North - Ft. Wayne, IN.double billing!

In july 2018 my husband, an I were able to make a visit back home. With the help of my mother, son, an sister. They covered the cost of our 4 night stay, at the comfort suites north on dupount rd., from july 11 th. To checkout, on sunday morning july 15 th... The bill said zero balance due!!! Later that sunday afternoon, on our way home, I noticed they had charged my sister' s credit card [ 2 ] time's. The hotel manager has been contacted.!!!. She's the one, who double billed my sister. Now the hotel is giving my sister the run around!!! Because like any hard working person these day's, a dollar doesn't go very far.!!! An all she asked is to refund her credit card the $ 101.58 that her credit card was over charged!!! It's been nothing but a night mare. The hotel locked us out of our room the 2 nd. Day we were there. Said their was a $ 86.10 balance due on the choice rewards. So my husband had to pay it, to get back into our room.222 an to top everything off we got home. When I started to unpack a couple day's later, in horror, to find someone had stole both set's, of my wedding ring's, right out of my travel bag!!! With a value of almost $ 10, 000 dollar's!!! An the hotel, really did nothing but blow me off!! An the! Same for their corp. Headquater's!!! Police say, pretty much they can't do anything, do to some travel non sense!!! So their you go folk's!!! An that's the god's truth!!! Sincerely deborah williamson p.S. Nothing but a terrible nightmare!!! My email is [protected] if anyone might have some helpful advice.

Jul 25, 2018

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