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Columbus, OH, United States
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My Overstock credit card with Comenity is late every month because I don't remember to log on and manually pay it every time like it's year 1990. Everything else in my life is set up on automatic payments and it is a standard for this day and age. I have excellent credit and have everything set up for automatic payments so nothing is ever late. I emailed Comenity and said I wanted to set up automatic payments and the response was that Comenity doesn't offer that. The experience has been horrible so far. I have two late charges on my account now for $37/each and they refuse to refund them. Comenity set up the business to knowingly disadvantage and inconvenience the consumer so they can rake in the fees. THIS IS 2017 AND YOU DON'T HAVE AN OPTION FOR AUTOMATIC PAYMENTS???? AND YOU'RE A BANK FOR THE LARGEST RETAIL BRANDS?! THIS IS EXTORTION AND GOUGING AT ITS BEST.

Jun 24, 2017

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