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Columbia House / This company is a SCAM!

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In 2004, a minor in my home ordered these in my name. Upon receipt I called and informed them of this. They sent me a return address label for the "Intro Package" and the 2 Director Selections that had been shipped in the meantime. I returned all the DVD's and never heard another word. Until now.

This past week I got a letter from a collection agency. Columbia House turned me in for not having "filled my obligation." First off, it wasn't mine to fill, it was fraud. Secondly, I returned the DVD's to them AT THEIR EXPENSE. Not to mention, it's been 3yrs! This is INSANE!

Then, try to call a customer service number and speak to a HUMAN. They don't exist. It's all recordings. Even their corporate line is. This company is a SCAM!!!

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  • Ji
      21st of Feb, 2007
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    Columbia House Movies - Order screw up - was sent movies that I didn't order!
    United States

    Concerning DVD club. I have been a Columbia House member off and on for several years with very few problems. But the last few months I only received one correct order, and it takes many many contacts and weeks to get even a remotely satisfactory response to a problem. First, I placed an order with the wrong credit card. I called immediately and asked to change the card I was billed with. If the person I talk to had informed me that this involved them canceling the order and re-placing it I would have just done that myself. Instead, I received an order that was several movies short and cost more than it was supposed to. For example: I was charged 29.95 for a 19.97 DVD. When I called again I was told that 29.95 was the lowest this DVD had ever been priced, but when I looked on the website it was still selling for 19.97. Eventually I just re-ordered everything and sent back the items from the first order that multiple calls and emails had been unable to get corrected. Next I order 12 movies. 4 of them were shipped separately and when they billed my card the charge didn't go through for some reason. They sent me an email saying to send 19.04 and they would ship the 4 movies. I sent the payment with the email. They applied the payment as a credit to my account. I emailed about getting the movies and received a response that I had a credit on my account. I emailed again and someone sent me the movies, along with a bill for 2.00. Since I had already paid for the movies, I sent several emails protesting this charge. About the 3rd time, I got an email back saying they were sorry for the inconvenience and were sending me the movies, and charging my credit card 25.08 for them. I contacted them right away and said don't send the movies, I already have the movies, I just wanted a charge taken off my account. I was told it was too late and to send them back when they arrived. I have yet to be refunded for these titles, which I never ordered in the first place. In the mean time, I had ordered 5 movies for a total of 33.75 (4 @ 6.95, 1 @5.95). After a week and a half, they shipped them and charged my credit card 51.87 (4 @ 7.98, 1 @19.95), so I sent them all back. I only received credit for 2 of the movies I sent back, one which had been in a box by itself, and one which had been sent in a big box containing the other 4 movies. I sent this email: "I sent back the entire order 1927300016156 only 2 of the DVDs were credited, even though I know you received all of them because there were 3 other movies in the same box with Lilith, and Lilith was received by you. There should also be credits for Kitty Foyle 7.98, An Awfully Big Adventure 7.98 and The Burbs 19.95. I know you received them all because they were rubber banded to Lilith and you got that one. All I did was write return to sender on the box and take it to the post office, so if 43.89 worth of merchandise was sent to me, then 43.89 was returned to you. Please credit the rest of the order, which you received almost 2 weeks ago."

    I finally got this response: "Thank you for providing information about your returned shipment. Although we did not receive the return of the selections noted below, we are crediting your account. If this was a credit card purchase, we will apply your credit to the card you used.

    LILITH $6.95
    BURBS $5.95

    Please allow one billing cycle for the credit to appear on your next credit card statement."

    As with most of the email responses I get, the person sending it does not appear to have actually read my message. I try to make them a s clear and straightforward as possible, with all pertinent information. But I get replies that make me want to tear my hair out. I know I should have done this sooner, but if I can ever get this matter resolved, and get my credit for the other movies I was sent that I didn't order, I will never order anything from these people again. They screw up the orders and you can't get hold of anyone who speaks English to get things fixed. Jill.

  • Da
      29th of Mar, 2007
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    I received a collection notice claiming that Columbia House had filed a complaint against me in the amount of $29.83. When I called the Collection Agency, they said that I owed Columbia House for a video ordered in October 2004 and gave me an old work address that I supposedly ordered this to be sent. I retired (permanently on disability) and have not worked at that location since May 21, 2003. I tried to explain that to them but the Collection Agency said there was nothing they could do.

    I also tried calling and emailing Columbia House even though the Collection Agency said they now own the debt. On the phone, I was unable to speak to anyone and kept getting cut off. By e-mail, I just got a reply that they needed my member number to review my order.


  • Ed
      11th of Apr, 2007
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    They were after me for over a year for money I didn't owe. Here's how I stopped them cold with one letter:

    Send a letter to whomever sent you the bill (a collection agency or Columbia House itself) by CERTIFIED MAIL - RETURN RECEIPT REQUIRED (this is your proof they received the letter). This will cost you about $5, but it is worth it. When you get the green slip back, staple it to the letter and store both safely for at least three years.

    In the letter tell them:
    The account number listed
    The balance they indicate you owe
    "I do not believe I owe this debt"

    Enter this paragraph, word for word, except for changing the info in brackets [ ] to fit your particular state:

    [begin letter]
    Section 805 of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requires that you provide me with ALL of the following information:

    The name and address of the original creditor
    The date of the original transaction
    The amount of the original transaction
    The date you acquired this debt
    The amount you now claim is owed
    The names, addresses, telephone numbers and social security numbers of all parties associated with this debt
    Proof that I owe this debt
    A copy of my State and Federal rights concerning this debt, including information on how to dispute it
    Proof that you are licensed in the State of [your state], as well as providing me with your [your state here] license number.

    You are aware, of course, that you cannot contact me further until this information is provided in full.

    [end of letter]

    after your signature add:

    cc: [name of your state Attorney General]
    Attorney General
    State of [your state]

  • Je
      20th of Apr, 2007
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    Columbia House - Unauthorized credit card deductions
    United States

    I cannot get ahold of this company and they are continuously taking money out of my credit card. If you have any information on this company please notify me as soon as possible. Thank You

  • Ha
      16th of May, 2007
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    I received one dvd in the mail and I did not order it. I sent back the bill with a note saying this was never ordered and to cancel.

    They sent me a bill for $48.88 and as of May 4, 2007 they say they are going to report me to a national reporting agency. What a scam!!!

  • Jo
      30th of May, 2007
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    Columbia House Video Club - This is a major scam!
    United States

    BEWARE!!! Do not, do not, do not use this company for any reason whatsoever. I ordered 5 movies for .49 cents each plus shipping. The total came to less than 20 bucks. A few days later and my account gets hit for 109.70!!! This is a major scam!!! BEWARE!!!. There customer service number is very hard to find, but I got it after an extensive google search. It is 1-800-262-2001.

    Hope this helps!

  • Al
      3rd of Jun, 2007
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    Columbia House - Sent dvd i never ordered
    United States

    Columbia house sent me a dvd i never ordered and expect me to pay by a certain date or i'll have to pay a late fee. now i have to spend my time and money to return dvd.

  • Co
      4th of Jun, 2007
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    ColumbiaHouse - A lack of my free movies
    United States

    I am being sent a bill for 43.86 for Dvds that I did not sign up for. I have not joined this club and I have returned the dvd that was sent to me. My account still was not refunded!

    Beware of this scam company!

  • Jo
      27th of Jun, 2007
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    I agree, unfortunately I used a debit card and they withdrew my account and I am paying $35.00 for each overdraft fee they cause. I can't close the account because of the direct deposits coming in. I so want to get this company for this.

  • Ei
      1st of Jul, 2007
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    Columbia House - Charged for something, but don't know what it is
    United States

    I have tried to reach Columbia House Video Club several different ways, but cannot give an account number and therefore cannot contact anyone.

    I have been charged for something, but don't know what it is.

    I have put the charge in dispute with my credit card company, and now must figure out how to contact these people without my account number.

    I ordered one free video, which cost $5.00 shipping and handling, and now have larger charges on my credit card.

    Thank you,
    Eileen Posner

  • Je
      3rd of Jul, 2007
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    I paid off my debt to Columbia House in 2001 before purchasing my home. Now, I am being stalked by a collection agency that says they have purchased "the debt" yet they will not send proof of the debt. Here's a link to their website if you've been getting the automated calls as well:

  • Pa
      24th of Jul, 2007
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    I have also had a hard time figuring out why I'm shipped movies I did not order and why I am overcharged for movies priced at 1/4th the cost billed. I need a response or ship my correct order or refund.

  • Ka
      10th of Aug, 2007
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    Columbia House DVD - Fraud and cheating!
    United States

    Columbia House is notorious for sending people who have never signed up with them DVD's they didn't order, and then charging for them. They don't put their name on the package so you will go ahead and open it. After it's can't refuse it. I'll be darned if I'm paying one red cent to this scam of a company even to ship back their stuff.

    If this happens to you, call: 1-812-466-8636, which is their management phone line. Someone WILL actually answer this, unlike the rest of the phone numbers you try.

    I had written them 3 different times about the problem, and they didn't respond other than to continue to send me overdue invoices.

    I called the above number, told them I was NOT paying them a dime, and they could cancel my account, wipe off the balance due, and lose my address or I would be contacting my attorney. I did also, and recommend everyone that has trouble, TURN THEM IN TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU! Just do a google search for better business bureau in whatever state you are in. Maybe after so many people actually stand up and refuse to pay for this scam and turn them in... the authorities will do something about their evil, dishonest marketing practices!

  • Ro
      14th of Sep, 2007
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    I ordered several times from Columbia house. After some time has passed, I asked Columbia House why my obligation, the amount of dvd you have to buy in a 2 year period, is going up not down with my purchases. I purchased more than the amount required to fulfill my obligation. I wrote them many months ago and asked them what is going on with this account. I have heard nothing until today, where they sent me a bill for $87.76. They are crazy!! I have every intention of fighting this, this includes attorney and dept. of justice.

    Thank you for your time!

  • Tr
      14th of Sep, 2007
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    Columbia House - Fraud and cheating!
    United States

    My name is Trishanna Thomas and my account number is 50516927022. Around May to June of 2007 I received my DVD of Freedomland the only one which I choose. I sent it back before time of being charged. So I wrote a letter to them many times saying that I did want to cancel my account because I was expecting a child in July.They have now sent another letter saying that I owed 9.95 with two late charges of 3.00. My account has now reached 95.88 for selections I haven't received. The statement on my account purchases as far as Sept.14 is now 111.83. I feel they are not a good company bc now they are trying to put it on my credit report.

  • Kr
      1st of Nov, 2007
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    Columbia House - They gave my credit card number to great fun
    United States

    I had 30 dollars on my prepaid card and from them moment it took me to put it on my card to the gas station it was gone. 5 minutes max. Good thing I had my rent money with me. Now Im short on my rent. Im very angree with columbia house they never told me that they were going to give my card number to someone else.

  • An
      6th of Nov, 2007
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    Columbia House - DVD's ordered, but never arrived
    United States

    I was a member of Columbia House DVD Club for 3 years. According to Columbia House, I was a member in good standing. At the beginning of my membership, I was exempt from shipping charges, but the rules changed, and I had to pay for shipping. At the same time, a strange thing happened: I stopped receiving the DVD's I had ordered, but was charged for. I would contact Columbia House about not receiving the order, and they would send me a new order (which I would receive), and charge me for both orders until they got an affidavit from me stating that I had never received the first order.

    This happened about 4 times, until I started using the expedited shipping for an extra $4.99 per order. As I write this, it sounds like a scam in order to force more money out of me to get an order. I eventually joined the Columbia House DVD on TV Club and cancelled my other membership. I have had no problems with new club, but I am on pins and needles every time I place an order. I always use expedited shipping.

    The post office put a watch on my mail to make sure that no one was going through my mail and stealing my DVD's. My mail carrier walks all my packages to my door now, and makes sure I get everything. I don't know if someone was stealing all my DVD's, but they must have been disappointed in the selection since my tastes are not the more modern types of movies. I suspect that my DVD's were never packed or shipped, and my order forms are in a shredder somewhere. I do every transaction with them through the internet. How is it that 4 original orders never made it to my door, after I had to pay for the shipping?

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

  • Br
      15th of Nov, 2007
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    I am being billed for items not ordered

  • An
      20th of Dec, 2007
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    Columbia House - Credit card use not authorized!
    Columbia House
    United States
    Phone: 1-888-467-7404

    I am a member of Columbia House, membership # 50536279545. I called them on Dec. 17, and told them not to charge my credit card again. They said they would start billing me. I found out today that they charged my credit card for $37.96 without my permission. I want that money put back in my account immediately. I tried to call them today and was on hold for 2 hours. I am very very upset.

  • Ro
      7th of Jan, 2008
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    Columbia House Video Club - I received a product that I I did not have I demand,
    455 Filiatrault
    Phone: 514 678 1058

    It does about 4 or 5 months I received an email, that said wins gains a computer Mac, I began to make the application, wrote my direction two or three times, the application was very long and n or finishes it, I decide to me to have appearance the company Columbia House video, at no moment I I had the intention to buy something. For my surprise I received a DVD by a value of 11,34$, my intention was to pay it, but as I had not requested east product, I said myself I am going to wait for a little so that they do not feel attempted to return to send other products, in less than 4 months the sum has raised 79,10$ this is without to have received nothing else. This is aberrant, to be robbed by a company with as much powerful money and when I am poor.

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