Coles Supermarketshuge increase in cost

C Nov 21, 2017 Review updated:

We travel Australia on a full time basis and always purchase the 500g Coles Spreadable buttery blend. We buy this product because it is the closest thing we have come across that tastes like butter. Normally we pay $3.25 for the item. I was shocked yesterday when I had to pay $4.50 for the same item. Surely Coles you cannot justify an increase of $1.25 on this item. PLEASE EXPLAIN.

  • Updated by Carol Deeney · Nov 21, 2017

    I normally purchase the 500g Spreadable buttery blend and have used this product for some time. I normally pay $3.25 for it. Imagine my surprise when I went to purchase it yesterday and the cost was $4.50 and Increase of $1.25 per unit. I would love to hear you justify an increase of $1.25 for this product. so PLEASE EXPLAIN


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      Nov 22, 2017

    My thoughts on this are that Christmas is coming and certain items will be on special but in order to do this other items must be increased so that their superior profit margin is unaffected. One word springs to mind, CAPITALISM

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