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Mt Warren Park, US Review updated:

Coles, Mt Warren Park, QLD 4207 - Around 5.30pm tonight (25/11/16), I was waiting my turn at the 'Express' till, where a lady in front of me was waiting for some Gift Cards which Katie was getting from the cigarette counter. She helped a lady at the counter, while she was at that side. Then returned to continue help the lady with the gift cards. I could see that the operator, Katie was trying to help at both counters (which isn't always easy). There was another woman waiting at the cigarette counter also waiting for service. She called out at Katie, saying " I was here before her". Another staff member helped her, and she then asked for the manager to lay a complaint against Katie. I chose not to get involved at this point, when the manager came as I could see that she was really becoming agitated. I would like to say that Katie was trying her best to keep everyone happy, but unfortunately some people love the drama that goes with complaining. I am writing this as I don't think that Katie (who really did keep her cool with a very rude woman) deserved to be chastised for something that was out of her control. If you would like any other information with regard to this incident, please do not hesitate to contact myself. Kind regards, Mrs Carol Taylor [protected]

Nov 25, 2016
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  • Po
      Nov 27, 2016

    That is very kind of you to defend an employee of a retailer. Please consider contacting the corporate office of Cole's.

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