Coles Supermarkets2 items discontinued at your supermarket

I have shopped with Coles for over 30 years and am thinking of changing my supermarket shopping with Safeway or Aldi.
Every week l would treat myself to your brand pizza Supreme for $5.00 and now have been told that you longer with have that product it was so tasty, and cooked well lots of toppings on it and has been replaced by a Tandori Chicken one so l tried it, could not find any chicken and it had a funny taste to it why do that? Have you not heard "when your on a good thing stick to it"?
My second complaint is at the Deli you stocked peppers in oil and l would buy a medium container of them each week and they are gone now too, what is wrong with this company? your going from great to not so great anymore.
Change the new ad with Down down prices are down to maybe Out out discontinued now!

May 11, 2017

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