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Coldwell Banker Mortgage / Customer Service

1 Tulsa, OK, United States Review updated:

They do not know how to manage the escrow accounts. They overcharge, threaten you when you complain and try to use scare tactics. My payment went from 373 to 485 because the mis-managed the monies in it. If you try to contact them it is impossible. They only provide an automated call number and I have still not found a way to get around it.

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  • St
      7th of Oct, 2008
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    Same thing happened to us. Payment went up 12%. That's a huge bump just because they didn't properly manage the escrow. The stated that it was part of the business and it was my obligation to be able to pony up and pay. The rep I got on the phone was surprised that I wasn't comfortable with it.

    Anyway, the only thing you can do is have them spread that increase across 36 months. You still have to pay the difference but it's not as dramatic.

  • Co
      12th of Nov, 2009
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    Unfortunately, I have heard this exact same complaint from several people regarding how Coldwell Banker Mortgage deals with escrow accounts. Large increases in escrow deposits with the option of either paying it in full within 30 days or spreading it out over time oftem seem unjustified.

    My understanding is that once all escrows are paid out of your account, any mortgage company is allowed to have a remaining balance of approximately 2 months worth of ecsrow payments - which may be why we often see a larger than needed jump in payments.

    Of course, when you call the 'help line' you often get someone who is not educated in escrow accounts or how they work. You must press on. Ask to speak to an escrow specialist and don't give up until you get one. At the very least, you should reach someone who can explain to you exactly how your escrow account works and where the shortage of funds came from.

    Yes, the options are usually to pay the shortage in full within 30 days or spread the amount out over time, but there is also another option... one no mortgage company ever wants to offer... You can pay your taxes and insurance on your own!

    After several rounds with Coldwell Banker Mortgage, I finally insisted to have control over paying my own taxes and insurance. It's a risky move because neither your township or insurance company usually offer monthly payment plans. But, if you can budget your money and you can keep track of what you own and when it's due... it might be worth it. I pay my property taxes quarterly directly to my township, pay my homeowners insurance annually directly to my insurance company and my monthly mortgage payments are now always exactly the same.

    I hope this helps.

  • Ja
      23rd of Oct, 2018
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    Coldwell Banker - Dan hendel
    San Francisco, Californias
    United States

    Your agent continues to send me junk mail after I have repeatedly emailed to be removed from his mailing list. I am already registered with the do-not-mail list but this seems to mean nothing to him. This has been going on for years and no action has been taken. This is HARRASSMENT and I am TIRED of it.

  • Gf
      31st of Oct, 2018
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    Coldwell Banker - Realtor Fraud
    United States

    Please call me to discuss the details. Realtor did not present 2 offers and got caught as I spoke to the homeowners. I will be calling the DPR.
    I may also alert the news media. He's also rude and needs to be fired.
    Gina 954.931.5462

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