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Cognizant Technology Solutions / Unethical HR and management

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The HR team in Cognizant is very unethical. They are like the mafia. When my manager along with the account management team worked unethically, I reported it to the HR, and the HR threatened to kick me out of the organization in the pretext of something else. The Code of Ethics is a document to cover the unethical operations performed by the senior management. Management team performs unethical stuff all the time. They bill for offshore staff who are on vacation. And they lie about the skill sets of associates. And they make onsite coordinators lie about the work completed by offshore. They lie about anything and everything. They set an example to the subordinates that not only is it okay to lie, but also that those who don't lie are against the organizational goals.

We shouldn't be forced to lie by our management. And we need HR and Talent Managers who have some bit of ethics and conscience. Our CEO and HR heads should try to pay more attention to the small details of organizational ethics instead of caring only about revenue. Management shouldn't teach values that it is okay to take advantage of the clients for the sake of money.

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  • Ht
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    C) BLOGS




  • Ke
      26th of Sep, 2008
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    I agree and it is very common with other companies like tcs, info or wipro. but the cts is the worst. i have seen the people joining here as "assistant manager" or more but worth for nothing and gets onsite easily either (h or l ) and process EB green cards and cheat the american government. i have complained to dol & uscis.

  • Jk
      12th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Hey, you exactly true. Not only HR but also the project managers are unethical and fools in CTS. They don't know what they do and they are greedy

  • Hu
      18th of Apr, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I completely agree with you all... ppl at higher level has very less knowledge as compare to thr subordinates... seriously doubt how these (some) ppl became Astt. Manager or above without good command over subject and worst part is they can not speak in english... :)

  • La
      9th of Nov, 2009
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    yes exactly.. i resigned from this bloody company without relieving order.. they are thinking that we are slaves to them to do whatever they want.. i am going to filed a case too.. it has reaching that milk sucking CEO but of no use.. it will be down soon. best wishes.

  • Pa
      17th of Jan, 2010
    +2 Votes

    --------------Celebrating Life LOL -------------------
    If you want to just hang around and do nothing in life, Cognizant is the best place to work. You pretty much have to to do nothing other than turn up at office once in a while. If you're billable then you need to know how to escalate matters and send mails all over the place without having to do anything at all. If you're interested in things like problem solving, consulting or using skills learnt in college then it is an absolute waste of time joining this company.

  • Al
      13th of Aug, 2011
    +2 Votes

    Having spent 30+ years in the work force have not met a more immoral or unethical company than Cognizant...will be happy to discuss this with anyone. I kept proof and have it at home. Earned above and beyond awards and exceeded all expectations am in a position to comment on this topic...sincerely hope they go out of business and that is not just my sentiment.

  • On
      13th of Aug, 2011
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    Why don't you guys post names here?
    Names and position are a real help.

  • Sp
      17th of Feb, 2013
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    Have anyone dealt with Cognizant Recruiting ?. They are worst of all to do business with.
    I had relationship with client so client agreed to hire a consultant from me but i had to go through cognizant because they are preferred vendor. Cognizant asked me candidate's phone saying they want to talk to candidate to make sure he is good. After talking to candidate, they bypassed my company and contracted directly. You will never expect such greedy action from any american company.

    When comes to ethics cognizant as a company and management has zero ethics. I think we all should file a class action lawsuit against this company. For every penny they will do anything to steal it from you. Shame on you cognizant !!! Same on you

  • Sa
      24th of Mar, 2013
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    Dear Sir,

    We would like put in front of you some of the worst things that are happening in our HUMAN RESOURCE Department (HRD) of PERANGUDI cognizant Branch.

    Some of the HRD people of this PERANGUDI Branch are spoiling the image of our esteemed organization very badly.Mr KANNAN, HR In charge, Mr. P V S KUMAR HR Manager and one lady executive are misusing their office capacity by recruiting NON SUITABLE persons at various capacities in our branch by taking bribe and some personal benefits. These people are very badly using their power and spoiling our company image by recruiting the unfit and non suitable candidates.

    One example we would like quote here for cross checking.

    Sir, recently these above said three HR personal recruited a person by name Mr. K.HARI KRISHNA (who is very close relative of Mr. PVS KUMAR).

    1) This HARIKRISHNA does not have even one required qualifications for the post to which he recruited.

    2) He is a very ordinary person with very very less marks in SSC, INTERMEDIATE and in DEGREE ALSO. Even FIRST class also not there.

    3) Not only this he possessed MBA degree in MARKETING, where he recruited on the basis of MBA(HR).His MBA percentage is also very less.

    4) He has around 8 to 9 years gap between studies. These years he wasted his time and loitered very badly.

    5) His knowledge in English and his communication skills and his HR skills are literally zero. He can’t talk at least with other people in own mother tongue TELUGU.

    6) His short previous experience also not related HR Department. He worked as MARKETING executive in a small private firm and that also very short term.

    Sir, if you dig like this you can find out various non suitable qualities in him. He is really unfit for the post but still he was selected because he is close relative of Mr. P V S KUMAR.Mr HARI KRISHNA is not fit for attender post but now is in the post where he is judging the other candidates suitability for a job in our organization. This is really ridiculous.

    we are really wondering how this HARI KRISHNA got appointment where as lot of suitable candidates with lot of hopes are waiting out side for their opportunity to serve our organization. Serving our esteemed company requires a hard and dedicated people not like HARI KRISHNA and co. This purely because of KANNAN and P V S KUMAR and LADY executive who are getting personal gainings. For their selfishness they are scarifying the company image very badly.

    Sir, for the sake of the our company and suitable and desired candidates who are having lot hopes of getting an opportunity to serve our company, please take proper and stringent action on above said three HR personnel. Please remove the persons like Mr. HARI KRISHNA from the services and give opportunity for the right candidates.

    Hope you will do the right thing and save our company image and save the desired candidates hopes and dreams by taking very stringent action above said three executives and removing Mr.HARI KRISHNA from the services and give opportunity to right persons.

    Hope you will respond quickly for the good cause.

    Thanking you sir.


  • Ku
      14th of Aug, 2014
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    More than 70% of the HR department in Chennai Cognizant is corrupted for job offerings with pay - above 10 Lakhs per annum. Just verify this by sending a 100 % eligible candidate for a position posted for salary above 10 lakhs, ask him to post his CV in Cognizant's Career portal. Though the candidate is 100 % eligible he won't even get a call from the HR department atleast just for a formality. The HRs will SHIFT+ DELETE all the resumes they receive in their webmail for jobs above 10 lakhs and wont even look at the resumes posted through company's career portal. They just bribe huge amounts by which they are earning more than 20 + lakhs per annum . I kindly request Cognizant's Directors and Vice Presidents to check the webmails of the HRs and the posted resumes in job portal to know the truth at least one in a week. This will remove all the Chennai based Cognizant HRs crime filled with bribery and corruption

  • Ct
      20th of Nov, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Cognizant recently hired a bunch of their managers house wife's at one of their client location in Los Angeles area.Heard that the house did not have any work experience and computer skills.They were wifes of managers who are working for cognizant at this client place

  • Ct
      20th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    cognizant recently hired a bunch of house wife's at one of their client location in Los angeles.These house wife's did not have any computer related experience, computer education and work experience but were hired through the back doors as they were the wifes of the cognizant management folks at this clients place.Something is wrong somewhere.

  • Si
      21st of Jan, 2015
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    I agree as this has happened at healthnet.Some Cognizant employees at health net got their house wifes through hiring managers at healthnet.some of the house wifes had no computer related education, no computer work experience, whatever is assigned even small things to them at the clients place is being done by others assigned by their husbands or husbands friends.we are made to work on weekend or late hour and do not get this wonderful treatment.

  • Ey
      20th of Sep, 2017
    0 Votes

    I couldn't agree more. A few days ago I went for an interview at Cognizant in Kolkata, India, I cleared all the rounds and at last was waiting for the salary discussion. The HR (don't know if she deserves to be called one) I spoke to for this was Miss Priyanka Chatterjee. She remained extremely rude and hostile during the entire discussion and had a mocking and sarcastic tone of voice during the conversation. Her body language and facial expressions remained negative throughout. I kept thinking to myself as to what could be the possible reason for a person to be this hostile towards me but could not figure anything out. At the end of the discussion she said she would get back to me. It's been weeks and I haven't heard from them (another thing Cognizant should implement is give proper necessary feedback at the end of an interview and not keep people in the dark, I mean people have a right to know upfront whether they were selected or not or what went the least tell them your decision other than making them anticipate or speculate..that's just one of the many unethical things Cognizant does) . Well coming back to my story, it turned out that Miss Chatterjee is indeed extremely unprofessional and unethical..the reason for her behaviour was that she is a friend of one of my ex's and his ex wife (sounds funny.. I know :P). It was evident that she held some kind of a personal grudge against me for this reason. This kind of unprofessional and unethical behaviour is absolutely uncalled for and disgraces a reputed organisation like Cognizant. I'm surprised how such people are hired..does Cognizant not have a proper code of conduct and does it overlook such instances, as she was pretty confident while behaving this way, as if she knew that the company would do nothing even if the issue was escalated. A word of advice to Cognizant, kindly take good care of your employees as they make your company and investigate the actions of your HR department, I'm sure you would find quite a few skeletons in their closet.

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