CNAC Financing / Harrasment

United States

I bought a car from JD Byrider, and financed through CNAC in June 2009. The total purchase price was to be $10, 900. What originally lured me in was their constant advertisement that $299 down delivers. Well, once I got in the office, and spent 3 hours going over everything about my life, I left $1500.00 poorer than when I went in. As for purchase price of 10, 900. after a year of making payments of $360 a month, my total owed has just now gone under $10, 000. Also my payments are due every friday, and the office closes at 7pm. If i am not there by 4pm, they are calling threatening to take my vehicle. My insurance this month was due by the 17th, and i paid on that date. I just got a really *** letter from CNAC today(21st) about how my insurance has lapsed, and to contact them immediately. I went on my insurance providers website, and my insurance never lapsed even for 1 day. these people are ruthless, and dishonest. I was in a bind after an accident, and had to have a vehicle fast. My credit wasn't very good either. If not for that, I would have never gone there. I will most definitely not be going back

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