Cleverbridge Ag Koeln / charge on american express2/23/12 $29. 95 twice and I do not remember purchasing anything

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Dear joseph,

Thank you for your post. Cleverbridge is the payment processor for a variety of software manufacturers and digital media companies. Based on your comment, you are not sure who cleverbridge is or what their name is doing on your credit card statement. Since we are an e - commerce company and process payments, our name appears on credit card statements in place of the company from whom you purchased the product. This information is provided to you on the website that you purchased the product from, on the checkout page in the shopping cart, and on the receipt that is sent to your email upon completion of your purchase. Also, by doing a quick search on this forum or on google for ‘cleverbridge’, you will see that other customers have had the same inquiry as you and have had all their questions answered.

Since we do not want to deliver personal information on a public forum, we kindly ask that you contact us directly so that we can provide you with further information regarding your order. We can discuss what the purchase was for, when it occurred, and other measures we can take such as a offering a refund. We have provided our contact information, which includes a phone number and email address below:

Http: / / www. / ?Scope=cuseco

Cleverbridge customer support

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