City Light Phone Repairrude personnel

Hi globe - this is to inform you that your staff in sta. Lucia mall / city light is very rude. I visited your service center for an inquiry and to fixed my deffective phone unit for under warranty however the technician is not there that time, no one accommodated me. They just stared at me. I've been waited for such a long hours, took a seat and immediately asked one of your staff who stood near me that I would like to inquire. Guess what, she just stared at me and acted as if she's doing something and went inside at back office. She didn't even bother to tell me to wait is she's really busy. But no, she is one big rude lazy staff. There are only 3 visible staff; 1 that looks like a cashier co'z shes inside a cubicle, another agent I guess who's accommodating a client and that darn rude staff. No other customers were there, the store is really quiet and yet no one seems to bother to entertain potential plan holders like me. When the technician arrived I gave him my supporting docs. For under warranty and my cellphone unit for repair and badly thing happen to me that time i've waited for almost 2 hours and my cellphone unit does not fixed and he forwarded me to the main office of city light services located at green hills, I told him that is so far away to my place and the worst thing happened the technician leaved me while I am talking to him. So disgusting! City light at sta. Lucia grand mall - very disappointing.

May 14, 2017

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