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warning: post hamp denial lies and trickery

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Warning to every citimortgage homeowner who receives a hamp denial.

I was originally informed that if I were to be denied a hamp modification, the difference between my monthly hamp payments and my regular mortgage payment (Which amounted to over $4000 in my case) , would be put to the back of the loan.

The day I was called by citimortgage to be informed that I was denied my hamp modification, I was told by the representative who called me that I had to apply for an extension, in order to put my difference to the back of the loan. In order to qualify for an extension, I had to make one full month's payment to bring the account current. So I reluctantly made a full month's payment (This was april 30) and applied for the extension.

Few days later I was told I was denied the extension because the reason for the extension was not valid (The first banker wrote that it was due to a job loss). I talked to a supervisor, and he said the reason that should be put is that I had just been denied the hamp modification, so had to apply for an extension in order to put the difference to the back of the loan. In order to apply for the extension, (It was now may 2) , I had to bring the account current yet again, but making yet another months' full payment.

3 days later, I get a call from a citimortgage debt collector asking me to pay my outstanding balance. I explain that I applied for the extension, and she tells me the extension has been denied, and that she wanted to work out a payment plan for me to make another months' payment by the end of may. Citimortgage was clearly leaving hamp denied homeowners to the deep water to swim with the sharks.

Frustrated I called citimortgage yet again, only to be told that there is the ability to put the hamp difference between hamp payments and regular mortgage to the back of the loan, that it is done automatically by citimortgage if they have not heard from you for 15 days, but that because I had brought my account current, I was deemed to have automatically opted out of the program. How does this make any ###ing sense please? I was basically forced to bring my account current in order to apply for an extension to put the balance to the back of the loan, only to be then told that because I brought my account current I cannot now have the balance to be put to the back of the loan.

So guys, if you get denied hamp by citimortgage, make sure you ask for the procedure that allows you to put your outstanding balance at the back of the loan without having to apply for a silly extension that is just a mere trick by citimortgage to make you pay your past due balance while under the trial hamp!
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A  18th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
The same thing basically happened to us!

What is more frusterrating is since it took CitiMortgage so long to get back to us, we now owe $500 in late fees and delinquency charges. They told us to keep paying less while on the 'Trial Process, ' which we did, and now they are trying to collect additional money for us not making full payments!

They also deemed it necessary to have someone drive by our house to make sure it was not abandoned and CHARGE US $97 FOR IT WITHOUT OUR KNOWLEDGE!

This company needs to be stopped and I am happy to help in any way possible.
N  10th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
They did me wrong also!

Here is the email for Citimortgage's CEO Vikram Pandit:


Also, the phone # for the executive response team:

A  10th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
The exact same for me too. 18 months of stressful insanity. For six months I have paid HAM payments and listened to Citi agents tell me my documentation is incomplete ( I have provided it in triplicate, with proof). The only reason it is incomplete is because of thier incompetence. The only modifications Citi gives is when the homeowner owes way more then the home is worth. If there is any equity or possibility of Citi getting their money back, they will sabotage your modification, take your home, keep the payments you made, and get a nice tax advantage on the forclosure as well!. They are doing it to me! The same day they told me on the phone " your account is in review...don't worry the forclosure is on hold while the account is in review", is the same day they posted the 'Notice of Trustees Sale on my do0r! I am a single father with two kids, no help, and 20 days left.
A  11th of Jul, 2010 by    0 Votes
We are upside down in our loan, but we pay PMI (private mortgage insurance) monthly, so they would get all their money back anyway! Our lawyer goes to court over this mess July 22, we copied all our cancelled checks from the past year and gave our lawyer certified funds for the money we owe...now it'll be the judges decision. We are in a chapter 13 bankruptcy, so they are not allowed to foreclose without permission from the courts...otherwise they would have foreclosed on us...
A  22nd of Sep, 2010 by    0 Votes
The good news is there is a pending class action for many of the reasons talked about here. If you go to http://www.citimortgagesucks.net/ and click on the link at the bottom of the page - or just go to http://cases.milberg.com/citimortgage./ - you can enter your information. The class action has not been approved by the court but I'm trying to get the word out. The more people that add their names, the better the chances of the case being heard.
A  13th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
Thank you DWdwone, going to look into this.
N  19th of Oct, 2010 by    0 Votes
We were approved for a loan modification with citimortgage, when I called to verfy may payments being made they said they did not recieve any payments and that my loan file was mixed in with another clients, they have asked me for the same information about 10 times, which I sent 10 times.

We are now years behind in payments with over $90, 000 in payments/charges??

I was told once again this past Thursday to send them the paperwork again, bank statements, profit and loss statements, hardship letter, I must send it to them within 72 hours.When I called monday I was told they closed the file on the 8th of the month because they could not get me on my cell phone 5 times (lied)
When I asked why they told me to send to information, they said sorry the person I talked to didnt know what they were doing, the supervisor said she would submit a grievence letter regerding re-enstatment to the loan modification, I think she is just saying this and they have no plans to help us.

Im from Wisconsin, if there are any attorneys that anyone knows that can help us please post there contact info
N  21st of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
If you qualified for and were denied for HAMP, you need to call the Treasury Departments Escalation Team at 1-866-939-4469. If you didn't qualify, and have a Government backed loan, (Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac) see if you qualify for HARP or HASP.
If your numbers didn't work to qualify for HAMP or your trial payments weren't made on time. Good Luck.
We went through a year of Hell trying to get our loan modified. We started the process with HOPE and they were most helpful. I'd start there so you have some moral support while you go through this if nothing else. Document every phone call. Don't have any expectation that anyone at Citi will call or contact you. You need to be aggressive and diligent.
There is an Excutive Response Unit at Citi. We called them after learning that they existed and after 11 months of trial payments and getting nowhere.
The HOPE number is on all the official HAMP websites.
We were finally approved for HAMP. Now were waiting on 2MP which is supposed to be automatic for 2nd mortgage once 1st is approved.
Good Luck everyone.
N  21st of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
If you qualified but were denied for HAMP, you need to call the Treasury Deptartments Excalation Team at 866-939-4469.
(Citi also has an Executive Response Unit)
If you don't qualify for HAMP, and you have a Government Backed Loan (Fannie Mae or Fredie Mac) see if you qualify for HARP or HASP.
We started the hamp process with HOPE Counselor, they were most helpful and profided moral support through the hellish, screwed up process.
Call every week to follow up on your application. Expect nothing from Citi, they wil not contact you.
You need to be your own, aggressive, diligent advocate.
We made trial payments for 11 months. Our 'Execllent' credit was destroyed by the Trial Payments not being full mortgage payemtns.
We were finally approved and new payment is 1300 less than payment of a year ago.
Now we await 2MP for 2nd mortage which is supposed to be automatic but banks are just processing new Oct. 2010 quidelines.
Good Luck everyone.
A  30th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
Try the class action lawsuit. I'm going into almost 20 months of a nightmare similar to everyone else's. I've been told everything from "they teach us to lie to customers" to "we just answer the phone and tell you what you want to hear" to "we're told to keep you on the phone as long as possible.". It's a nightmare at CITIMORTGAGE and something needs to be done! Send this out and try to get as many involved as possible...
A  22nd of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
We appled for a hamp modification in Aug, 2010. I called every week got a different story. Now they are saying they will start forclosure proceeding if we do not catch up on our mortgage. We have been making our monthly payment and it was going into an unappled funds account. When we started with this in Aug. we were only 2 months behind now they say we are 6 months behind. You get a different department and a different person with a different answer everytime. How can we get help? We don't want to loose our home.
N  17th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
God bless all of you, those citi crooks are going to burn in hell I assure you. Be careful out there and pray without cease. I do not know where to begin! So to make a long story short. My family, six children and I are facing foreclosure partly due to my own fault. We were financially sound a capable of paying our mortgage, entice by the moment of a possible US citizen 2nd revolution against the unfair, unjust, greedy system that mind you NEVER happened. Caught up in the moment we contacted a loan mod co. to only inquire about the possiblity of strategy default and the chances of lowering our monthly payment. Of course, they stated they can get it done for a mere $4500 and after calling the citi myself to inquire about a loan mod, prior to calling this crooked co., citi laugh at me and transfered me so others could laugh at me. I am not usually suckered easily but after citi's laugh a thon with me gave me focus. So we got in bed with this co. which never did anything, we started 9/2009, it is now april 2011 to give you a time frame. after several battles with that co. from me and others who where taken and several calls to the attorney generals office that co. close down and took off with everyone's money and is now operating in nevada. thank God I was smart enough to dispute it with my credit card co. which gave us our money back and charged it back to that co. visa account. my perfect credit history of never defaulting gone, 806 credit score gone! Did it to myself I know, listening to the wrong people. So what started out as a strategic default turn into legitimate need after losing my job in late 2010 witn twins on the way. Working with the banks myself prove to be fruitless, got appoved for a mod dropping the interest from 7.1 to 6 and only dropping payment by $10 a month due to tact on late fees/ penalties. have not paid since 9/2009 at the advice of that co. with $35000 of delinquent payments owe 269800, house worth $157000. living off of wife's income, my unemploment, food stamps, county health care recipients. I 've worked all my life, paid my taxes, never had to asked for goverment assistance. Ashamed at first but now I just see it as getting some of my tax dollars back, something to tell myself so I can hold my head high. I told citi to stuff the proposal up theirs, they came back with a forbearance offer of paying reduced payments. I always though forbearance meant no payment but interest still incur, silly me. told them to stuff that one too. had to let the home phone go due to the harassment, 25 calls in one day, isn't that illegal? after going around and around with the banks and auction date set for 3/1/2011 at the last minute they told me i was approved and they just had to verify our income that I told them over the phone, 3 weeks later was told we decline that if they where to give us 2% it would bring our payment to 700 and that's not doable and i told him it was very doable for us. he told me not for citi! they wanted to keep us paying at a certain level. more like the 1500 or above range which was what we were paying in the beginning. last effort we went to naca and discovered that our second mortgage was forgiven so all we owed was citi's 215000 portion. naca was able to get the auction date pushed back to 5/2/2011 while they work our file. after praying every hour like a muslim 4/15/2011 they approved our mod at 2% with a payment of $963.00, I'll take it. have not received docs yet so still praying it is one of their mind games and illusion, refuse to celebrate until I see the first statement. If it is true we went from $1950.00 monthly to $963.00. Pray for us.
N  17th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Does your mortgage include your taxes and home insurance? If so that amount is great for you, but not for us because we are going through the same thing and they didn't lower ours to 1762.00 from 1825.00. Please let me know?
N  20th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Call NACA Kay they get results, before I went to them I've known of 5 families personally who was successful with NACA. The only reason I did not go sooner was because I have already paid $4500 to Paragon crooks and I did not want to give Citi a reason to delay citing confusion of who's representing us, so I had to give Paragon crooks their chance and allow it to play itself out if they fail to have fullfilled my part of the bargain so I could exercise that 100% money back guarantee they were offering. However, that did not do any good because they bail with people's money but it did help with the credit card co. Once i receive docs to confirm the offer placed on my web file at NACA I'll let you know but as far as I know it does include taxes and insurance because it stated PITI- Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance = $963.00 and I previously were paying taxes and insurance included into my mort. payment. How they did it was 40yr term@ 2% 807.66 PI-Principal/Interest and the rest consist of taxes and ins. and that is on 184, 000 principal out of 215000 previously owe to citi. some 30, 000 of that principal was postpone to a non interest incurring account to be paid in a balloon payment at the end or when we sell, also they forgave the $35, 000 worth of past due payments, escrow ( they were paying the insurance and taxes for the past 2yrs), late fees/penalties to make it work. The 56, 000 owe to the 2nd mortgage was forgiven/written-off. Info obtained from my NACA web file/ page servicer comments section and credit report. Hope my story helps and give hope to all. Do me a favor all who reads this never give up fighting and stay close to god, you will need him! Oh FYI if you do get forclosed on do not leave until the sheriff comes or the county recorder confirm the transfer out of your name, because the house next door was foreclosed and the guy and his son left but the bank kept the property in his name so not to be responsible for the cost (taxes, HOA, maintenace, etc.). All of this happened summer 2008 just before the market collaspe and I was still current on my home. I found out this info by complaining to the HOA about the weeds and holding the bank to the same standards as the other homeowners. HOA replied that it was still in the buyer's name and that the bank has not transferred it to them, so the buyer's is incurring back taxes, HOA fees, etc. and they told me when they find the buyer they will sue him and that they can't go after the bank because it is not in their name yet and not they responsibilty until they transfer the property. The bank is slow to transfer because inventory properties cut into they profits and when they find a buyer they expedite the transfer into their name and transfer it quickly into the new buyer's name. That house I am refering to sat a year before someone purchase it, think how much money the previous buyer is going to owe when they catch up to him. Yet another game they play so if I were you I would sit on that home until the sheriff comes. Then you know it has been transfered because someone's interested and a realtor need it vacant to have unlimited access. BEWARE people!
A  20th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Thanks for the info. No we aren't in foreclosure yet, they may like we are in the hamp. We are fixing to make our 3rd trial payment then they will review and supposabliy we sign the papers. Don't know and as far as God is concerned we would have never made it through what we have without him!!! He is indeed and awesome GOD! Thank you again for yur info and we will keep you in our prayers as we hope you will do the same for us.

God bless,
N  22nd of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
Our SAVE THE DREAM tour will be coming to your area soon!

WHO: Homeowners from North Carolina and other states who have an unaffordable mortgage.

WHAT: 4 day FREE mortgage modification event. NACA’s Save the Dream (of Homeownership) Tour was just highlighted on 60 Minutes. The National News Magazine highlighted how NACA’s Foreclosure Prevention Event gets more than half of its attendee’s lower mortgage payments the same day, on the spot. (click here to view 60 Minutes).

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WHERE: Raleigh Convention Center
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There will be hundreds of NACA counselors ready to determine an affordable mortgage payment for the borrower and hundreds of staff from all the major lenders to process and approve these solutions. NACA has legally binding contracts with all of the major lender/servicers, including Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make mortgages affordable. And all NACA services are FREE. The program is open to owner/occupants and non-investors.

Darren Duarte 617 947 2632 dduarte@naca.com
Ricardo Herrera 704 962 1605 rherrera@naca.com
For more information and to register please visit www.naca.com or call 888-499-6222.
For any other questions, please go to our NACA forum at http://forums.naca.com/forum
A  22nd of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes
I wish they would come to Florida
A  3rd of May, 2011 by    0 Votes
Citimortgage are scam artist they foreclosed on my home in my dead father's name and he was never ever on my mortgage which they bought from Abn amro mortgage company the resolution department will do nothing they hired lawyers and lied to me until that very day...My american dream is gone now my kids and I have no where to go my parents are deceased and I am a single parent...They told me after I got behind a couple of months all I owed was 60, 000 so they told me to pay nothing...I was crazy to ever believe a company that kept losing my paper work so in the end they put be on a three month forebearance and took every penny that I could have moved out with...I am penniless now with no where to take my kids we have no relatives to help us nobody...I can't believe they used first federal bank as the bank that foreclosed on my dead father who died in 2000...My Dad never was on the mortgage ever can you believe they got that low...I kept in touch but you never ever talk to the same person ever except once when they were trying to get the rest of the money that I had...

I went to naca and even legal aid they jerked me around and told me to write to the attorney general but they can't take my case they are backed up...I spoke to a man in Executive resolution he told me it is too late a third party investor bought my property but I called phone calls from them up to the last second I am outraged that they people that they said would handle hamp ...I went to that page they told me it would be a fee to counsel me on how to get hamp but that it was probably way too late for my situation...I know it is too late now lost my house and they are ready to put my furnishings on the street...I got sick and my business started to go downhill from there if anybody can give me any insight into my situation let me know you can write to me at jusneenee on gmail ...Thanks God bless and be with you all I know God is definitely in control as I don't know where me and kids will go now...
A  19th of Mar, 2013 by    0 Votes
CitiMortgage operates for the benefit of CitiMortgage--they are like magicians and are 'experts' in the art of 'slight of hand', half-truths, and deception. When I make a mistake, financially, I admit it, try to correct it, and start over, but in this instance, CitiMortgage was unfair and will go on, unpunished if people don't take the RIGHT steps.

Contacting CitiMortgage will do nothing but give you more of the same: the 'run around', empty promises, excuses, etc. Contact those that have weight and power and will MAKE CitiMortgage 'come to task': contact your State Office of the Attorney General--you can complete that form online, contact the Office of Finance and Insurance Regulation--that form can also be completed online, contact the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency--can be completed online. And finally, contact your State Senator--when I spoke with OFIR (Office of Finance and Insurance Regulation), they confirmed for me and then sent a letter to me, in response to my complaints, basicaly apologizing because there is no law in place to prevent CitiMortgage from 'doing what they do', so, as long as CitiMortgage 'makes a show' of 'attempting' to help, they fall within the guidelines. Our State Senators and other governmental agencies that regulate banks/mortgage companies need to be INUNDATED with letters regarding CitiMortgage so that someone sits up and takes a REAL look at what is going on. They send these government agencies 'cleaned up' details of their interactions with us but we have the 'down and dirty' transactions between us and CitiMortgage. No one will ever know, if we don't speak on it. I know everyone is tired but try contacting the Office of the Attorney General, OFIR, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, and your State Senator---put action and WEIGHT behind your words. Let's get 'em! Yvonne cu7649@wayne.edu
A  11th of Apr, 2015 by    0 Votes
I am not a person generally to write but I remember just months ago I was looking for help so I decided to share my story. I was down to a one person household with 3 children. I was having a hard time paying my mortgage payment. I was so depressed after multiple times of trying to reach out for help with a loan modification and I kept getting denied. My friend recommended me to thedreamfinancialcom and I am so greatful! They helped me through everything. I was so discourage and out of options but they really help. The were able to cut my payment in half. And they even sat and listen to my sob stories for hours on end. If your like me and just are not build for a lot of stress it's not worth it. Let someone else get the job down for you. Well worth it. My Counselors name was Lauren.

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