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Citifinancial Retail Services / Citifinancial jeopardizing my reputation

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CitiFinancial Retail Services

On 6/2/07 I set up automatic payment to Citifinancial through 5/3 bank's bill pay service. Prior due dates had been the 6th of the month so I set up scheduled payments to be sent 72 hours prior, the 3rd of each month. Unfortunately 8/3/07 was on a Saturday and 9/3/07 was Labor Day. Hence the payments weren't processed until 8/7 and 9/7 respectively. Therefore I was charged two months late fees inn addition to finance charges on the account. The customer service rep instructed me to fax a complaint, which I did, and the decision was upheld. When I called back, they (broken English speaking gentleman named Romeo) refused to give me the name/address of someone I should contact for additional dispute stating the decision was final. I have excellent credit and they're jeopardizing my reputation. I see here there are several additional issues similar to mine. This is obviously this is a repeated circumstance someone of higher management needs to recognize.

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  • Ja
      23rd of Sep, 2007
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    I have had something similar happen to me very recently! I also set up a direct debit from my Citibank checking account at least 72 hours prior to the due date. Additionally, the recurring payment was for a minimum monthly payment of $35. I had always maintained a very low balance with little or no activity. Apparently, my monthly had gone up by$2-3 in July and August. It turned out I was $5 past due for two months. Well, low-and-behold, Citifinancial reported 30-day lates X 2!!!! It hurt my FICO score by almost 75-100 points! Mind you, I was about to open escrow on a new home. Now, I can not qualify for the loan I was approved at less than one month ago. I was also told to fax a letter to the dispute department but when I called to follow up, I was told that it may take up to 5-7 days to process and 6-9 weeks for a resolution. The $5 has ruined our lives and that of our 3 and 7 year old children! We are now left to live with in my parents' home as we had leased our property/home for a whole year!!! The thing that gets me is, that same month the statement had congratulated me on having excellent credit and had pre-approved me for a personal loan. Shame on Citifinancial for ruining peoples lives!

  • Lg
      14th of Jan, 2008
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    01/14/2008: I have been trying for hours to contact a human. No Success. My account is due on or before 1/14/08 and when I try to confirm payoff, the automated service tells me the debt amt is $ 1,000 more than the statement in my hand. I am still (as I type this note) trying to find a fon-number to access a human in customer service. I am now searching (google) the internet for a fon-number. I will never again finance anything that uses CitiFinancial Retail Services. It is as if they intentionally make it difficult to communicate with them... I guess to prevent spoken complaints or maybe to force deadline breeches which in turn will reap them additional penalty monies.

  • Mi
      15th of Jan, 2008
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    To previous poster.

    I just called them and was able to get to a live person by doing the following: After you put in your acct # and listen to the automated info verbally say 3-4 voice comments to the system that it doesn't understand ie. "Talk to a live person", "Talk to customer service", "Speak to person". After all that it will say that you reached the limit and hold for rep. I waited about 10 minutes but it finally worked. Of course that person was an idiot but at least it's a step in the right direction. The phone number I used was 800-643-5607. Hope this helps.

  • Te
      18th of Jan, 2008
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    This New Years weekend. We got a real shock ! No excuses, but our account had become delinquent. In the past year we have made phone payments, but it was never an approved arrangement. After almost a year of unsuccessful communication, we received late noticed. On NEW YEARS EVE we checked our bank account , there had been an amount of close to $400.00, withdrawn.... after reaching someone... they said SOMEBODY gave then them the authorization! NOT TRUE!!! we were left with $11.75 cents for the entire weekend!!!!!!!!!!! THEIR explanation was some excuse, " THAT CORPORATE MAKE THE DECISION"

  • Br
      21st of Jan, 2008
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    I have also experienced problems with citifinancial, they do seem to make it impossible to get a hold of them. I have been searching on-line for a phone number I could not find one until I read these reports thanks for the number by the way. I have called them before to make a payment over the phone so that my payment would not be late because of holiday mail. They charge $10 for the service which is better than them tacking on all of the interest. They gave me a confirmation number for the payment but after I saw it post to my checking account I threw away the number, but then on my next statement they claimed they never received my phone payment. This has taken almost 2 months to clear up since of course you can not talk to the disputes department it has to be done through fax or snail mail. My account was suppost to be interest free but there is still $1.50 finance charge for something??? I will also never finance anything with Citifinancial again, there service is terrible.

  • Ol
      28th of Jan, 2008
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    Oh, excuse my "broken english"!. I just want to write about my expirience. I also made a ophone payment and someone commited a mistake. Then, the next statments had a late fee charge, and a minimun payment of $85.00. In that ocassion, I order to paid off the whole balance. Now, they accept that it was their mistake. Nevertheless, I'm trying to make sure they wont report to the credit agencies a bad information that could affect my score. No one in Customer Service is available to give a fax number, or other contact phone to talk to some who can help me with this. And there's no a phone number or e-mail on line. Their mistakes and bad services could affect the customer credit scoore, but it seems they do not care about it!.

  • Ve
      10th of Apr, 2008
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    My Home Loan A/C No. is 2473220 .Inspite of making all the full and final payment on 10.3.2008 for Rs.4, 02, 996/-, the PDC for the month of April-2008 has been presented to my banker. Attitude of the staff at Pushp Vihar such as Neetu Aggarwal is very rude for all type of communications made to her. As my account has already been closed then how the PDC was presented. Who will be responsible for the loss on acc ount of defaulter for track record in my saving acccount?. All the PDCs given to the bank including blank PDCs without date and amount should be sent to me immediately otherwise I shall be constrained to go to Consumer Court without any further correspondane in this regard.

  • J
      31st of May, 2008
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    Date of this letter: May 16th, 2008
    Attn: CitiFinancial Retail Services
    P.O Box 22066
    Tempe, AZ 85285-2066

    Dear CitiFraudFinancial Services,

    Yesterday I received a piece of mail that appeared to be junk mail due to the inconspicuous nature of the envelope. Thankfully, I opened it because I closed my Citibank credit card a couple months ago with your company and there is no reason that “Citi-anything” should be sending me any further communication except for the $1085.00 that CitiCard owes back to me. I opened the mail in hopes that CitiCard was finally returning my hard earned money. But this was not the case.
    The letter I received yesterday was in response not to my Citibank card—which is now closed, but instead, it was in response to a 0% APR interest rate that was good for a year regarding a loan I took out for a bed I bought a few years back through CitiFinancial Retail Services. However, when the 0% interest rate was up for the year, I paid off the entire balance of the loan before your company could stick me with the default rate. As far as CitiFinancial is concerned I am what you people call a “deadbeat”—one who uses the 0% interest rate to my advantage with the sole purpose of paying off the total amount of the loan prior to the default interest rate affecting me.

    Yesterday, when I opened the inconspicuous junk mail looking envelope, I found myself being advised that, I have 15 days to “Opt Out” from your company raising my Standard interest rate to 24.99% and my Default interest rate to 29.99%. Additionally, it advised that my minimum finance charge will be increased to $2.00. Upon review of my options to opt out I was given 2 choices—to call your Customer Service at (866)-610-1757, or to write into your company. When I called your “Customer Service” number, I came to find out that even though the letter says they have normal open business hours to speak with a human, the department is actually CLOSED 24 hours a day. Gee, I wonder why—NO, I don’t.

    The reason I closed out my Citibank credit card in the first place was because your company closed my account on me because I apparently missed one of your inconspicuous junk mail looking envelopes which apparently advised that I must respond in 15 days to the unethical changes your unethical company has decided to participate in.

    Thankfully, due to the fact that I am not an idiot, I am highly aware of the financial fraud scandals that Citicorp Trust Bank/CitiGroup, and all of your company’s subsidiaries have willingly participated in—including, but certainly not limited to-- the Enron scandal. I am sure the Citicorp “Trust” Bank would love to forget that they paid out $2 Billion dollars as a result of the scandal your company willing participated in, but I have not forgotten, and I will not allow it to be forgotten.
    Please be advised that this letter will be posted on every public forum on the internet that I can possibly find. Additionally, I may just be one person, but I know thousands of other people through my extensive networks and I will be advising every single one of them about CitiBank and their fraudulent practices that your company sneakily and purposely forces upon the average American consumer.
    And by the way, please note that I have written this letter in the same exact itsy bitsy type solely so you can get a taste of your own medicine and be forced to squint to read it.

    Totally and Completely Un-Sincerely,

    Janelle Schaffer Date: May 16th, 2008

  • Sm
      11th of Jul, 2008
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    Well people, I guess I'm not alone. There comes a time in a person's life when he/she needs to make a large purchase and doesn't have the money right away to pay it off so this is where Citi Financial comes into play. I was at Rooms to Go in Miami, FL and looked at several furnitures for the bed room and living room. After shopping around nearly for 1 month and looking at over 10 stores, my wife and I finally decided to buy from Rooms to Go. Our entire purchase was $14, 900 and we financed this on 24 months no interest and no payments, as we were told by the sales associate at the store. The sales associate, Kendra, was an amazing person deal with and she seemed like she knew what she was talking about so at the time I had no reason to doubt her. I paid $900 down with cash and financed $14, 000 thinking that I wouldn't have to pay for 2 years. When the first bill arrived from Citi Financial, it was asking for a payment of $584.00. Thinking it was some kind of mistake, I called their customer service department and spoke with Sidra. Although Sidra was doing her best, she explained to me I was on a 24 months interest free plan and this plan does require monthly payments of $584 for 24 months. I told Sidra this is some kind of mistake so she told me to fax or mail in a letter to disputes department and so that is just what I did. 3 weeks later, the disputes dept. mailed a reply back to me with a photocopy of my contract showing I signed for 24 months interest free plan. Okay, so what is a guy supposed to do when at the store he's told one thing and told another thing by the finance company? I didn't have $584.00 to pay upfront as I have other monthly expenses to pay as if I paid this, then I'd only be left with $23.39 for the month and I certainly can't live off that. I was so furious that I called Rooms to Go and told them to pick up there furniture as I didn't want it. The following day citi financial collections dept called me to demand payment. As no one from Rooms to Go or citi financial seems to care about me, I will certainly never ever do business with citi financial or rooms to go and people, don't get into the "fish hook" by the nice deals they offer. I called Citi Financial back the following week to complain about the collection calls and my issue and after speaking with 3 other people, none of them even wanted to help me including one of the manager's, Pam. I've seen better days in my life!

  • Ja
      12th of Jul, 2008
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    How come all the companies I've dealt with in the past, I can get through their customer service but why not with citifinancial? I think they make their IVR complex on purpose so people can't get through to make a payment or any inquiries.

    I was on a 18 months no payment, Same as cash plan that expired on 5/5/2008. I called the customer service department on 5/4/2008 and the time was around 6:00pm PDT. I couldn't get through and when I finally got through, the message on the automated system said the office is closed. No big deal for them but for me it is as if I didn't pay it off by the following day, I'd be hit with over $1, 200 of interest. The sad thing is that I recieved my bill 5 days before the expiration of the plan. I know they do this on purpose so they can make money off me. I called the following day, on 5/5/2008 and the automated system advised me that they are experiencing a heavy volume of calls and the system then just hung up on me. I called back 30 minutes later and got the same message. I was so frustrated that I went to a citifinancial branch to pay it in full and guess what? The branch told me they don't accept payments. I was like, "WHAT!" This has to be some kind of a joke for crying out loud. It is illegal when a consumer wants to pay off his debt and the finance company refuses to take it.

    This was no joke at all. After arguing with the branch manager for 10 minutes and getting no where, I finally gave up and put my cheque in the mail with tracking. They finally recieved my payment somewhere in Columubs, OH 3 days later. When I recieved the following bill, I was hit with $1, 204.36 in interest + plus $14.36 in daily interest (that is interest on interest). I called their customer service department after recieving the bill and guess what? I finally got a human being on the phone. I explained my situation and I was getting no where with the rep on the phone so I asked for a manager. After speaking with one their account manager, I still was getting no where. Furthermore, no one at citifinancial seems to care about their customers. The only thing they told me to do is dispute this through their disputes dept so that is just what I did. I got a reply back 4 weeks later and they advised the charges are valid and will be required to pay in full.

    I am under no circumstances going to give those crooks $1200 of my hard earned money. I'm going to fight them all the way and seek damages for myself.

    I consulted my lawyer to file a law suit against the citifinancial and to seek $2 million in damages.

    IN SUMMARY, here is all the things they did to screw me up:
    1) I recieved my bill 5 days before the plan expiration date
    2) I tried to call their customer service department on many occasions to pay it off but could never get through a human being
    3) I went to a local citifinancial branch to pay off my debt and they couldn't process my payment
    4) I could only get through a human being at citifinancial after my plan expired
    5) No one in customer service cares for me including their stupid managers
    6) My credit rating is in jeporady if I don't pay the $1200 they are seeking
    7) Customer service department advised disputes department does not have a phone number for the public
    8) Their collections department are always calling me, day and night, to demand the payment

    Citifinancial does whatever it can to make money off us hard working Americans. I think they have developed some software which makes it impossible to get through a human being while you are in their interest free period but the algorithm is broken after the grace period is over. NEVER do financing with those crooks. I'm letting you know this now so you don't fall in the same hole as I did or the others that have expressed their frustrations on this web site and the countless millions who don't know about this website.

  • J
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    What you are referring to--CitiFinancial holding your payments and claiming that you are late and then hitting you with default interest rates and late fees is not new in the Credit Industry.

    We are in a Depression and the Credit Industry is pulling every move they can to get as much money out of the average credit consumer as they can--regardless of the means--legal or illegal.

    Providian of San Francisco was prosecuted and found guilty of holding consumer credit card payments for 2-3 weeks in order to enure that there was a late fee and a HUGE default interest rate fee hike to their customers. I unfortunately was affected by the scandel as I lived in SF at the time and had a Providian card as well.

    You are being defrauded by CitiBank/CitiFinancial--I would call an attorney.


  • De
      10th of Sep, 2008
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    I have learned a BIG lesson...CitiFinancial Retail Services is an unscrupulous financial institution that I will report to the BBB. The interest they hit me with is totally rediculous and when I tried to call, the customer service person was rude and could not answer my questions. The pay off amount told to me was hundreds more than the bill indicated!
    Please, someone tell me what to do...

  • Li
      24th of Sep, 2008
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    I have been dealing with this Romeo guy now for two months and he is supposedly a supervisor with Citifinancial Retail Services. He hasn't accomplished anything he said he was going to do for me. These people are now harrassing me at my work place, my cellphone, and even my mother (whom I do not live with). I didn't provide them with any phone numbers other than my cell phone. They must have obtain my work and mother's phone number off of my credit report which they are now ruining due to their errors which they can't seem to get corrected. Has anyone had any of their problems resolved?? I am at my witts end. They call me 4-5 times per day for something that isn't my error.

  • Sh
      27th of Sep, 2008
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    I also have Citifinancial Retail Services for a bed we purchased. Another one of those no interest/payments for 2 years. We've now had 2 payments due on a Sunday. Like everyone else for some reason it gets held til Monday. The first time we called and made a complaint to have the late payment fixed they actually did! The 2nd time, not so nice about it. They stated that it needed to be paid before the due date when the due date was a Sunday. I told the woman I couldn't see anywhere on the bill that stated that I needed to actually pay the bill prior to my due date. She had no answer or expression. My payments come out of my bank account electronically, and the biggest glitch is that the due date changes. I always send out my payment on the last day of the month, and my payment had been due on the 8th, plenty of time, then all of a sudden due date has changed to the 3rd. I don't quite understand that one. We all just need to keep using our Attorney Generals to make complaints. They really have been our best resource at resolving complaints. Apparently the big businees don't like your State Attorney involved in their scams!

  • Ja
      1st of Oct, 2008
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  • Ce
      22nd of Dec, 2008
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    I am in the same boat. Lesson learned: NEVER AGAIN buy anything through CitiFinancial Retail Services. We started making our payments on time. One payment we missed the due date by one day and they charged us $39.00. We did not realized this before making our next payment and so they charged us $39.00 for not paying the late fee for the previous statement. A couple of month before this happened we made a $1000.00 payment to capital believing it would put as ahead in our payments. WRONG!!! and because we had $41.00 due they started calling on a daily basis. We told them we would make the payment the next due date and they said they WILL CONTINUE TO CALL ON A DAILY BASIS until we paid the amount due (at this point $41.00). Being treated as delinquents is ridiculous and when we tried to place a complaint no one would give us a US number or address where we could do this, they would always lead us to a phone number abroad. My advice, find other means of financing, CITIFINANCIAL will always find a way to get more money out of you.

  • Da
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    Similar story here. Bought a piano, 90-day same as cash. Paid it off well before the deadline and assumed the account was closed. Months later I start getting calls about a $300 balance--my payment was supposedly two days late and they had assessed finance charges, late fees, and daily interest. They now call me every day, at work, at 3:00 a.m. in the morning, sometimes multiple times a day.

    Read up on your rights--there's the FCBA, FCRA, and FDCPA. If they contact you at your workplace, or more than once a day, they are in violation. They also can't contact you while a debt is under investigation, something they are required to begin a few days after receiving a letter from you (certified). Inform them that if they are in any way noncompliant with federal law, you will immediately file notice with the BBB, state attorney general, and online reporting agencies. A call from the attorney general usually clears things up immediately.

  • Bi
      27th of Jun, 2009
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    I don't use autopay as I like to know exactly what and when anything comes out of our account. But For several years I have been mailing in monthly payments. I usually receive my statement several weeks before the due date and pay it on the next payday following receipt. I did not receive a statement for 5/09 and therefore did not mail in a payment. While I admit I should have noticed, I did not. The next thing I received from Citifinancial was a statement saying my minimum payment had been raised, a $39 late fee assessed, and $2 interest on the late fee had been added to my account. I called the number on the statement, explained what had happened and was told that in view of our long standing and on time payments, the $39 and $2 interest would be waived. I then made the required payment over the phone and assumed all was well. But...when the next statement came, the $39 + $2 was still on the account AND an additional $39 + $2 had been added, as well as my minimum payment again being increased. It took several calls to some very rude persons at first, but I later discovered the rude parties were in collections. I contacted customer service and spoke with a very patient young man, who, after hearing all I had to say, suggested I speak with a supervisor as he did not have the authority to correct the problem. I eventually got through to the supervisor, explained what had happened and she assured me all would be taken care of, but to call her back at her direct number in a week to check on it. When I called back I got her voice mail and left my name, account number and phone number. She did call me back and the problem had been resolved. My original plan had been reinstated, both $41 fees removed and my minimum payment restored. So if you are patient and keep after them until you get someone with authority to correct the problem, you CAN get it done. This process took almost two months, but in the end was worth it. If you call customer service at 1-800-643-5607, I would recommend you ask for Jason as he is the young man that actually helped me and got me to a supervisor with authority. Bill in Florida

  • Sp
      13th of Jul, 2009
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    Well here is a bit of infor for everyone . Citifinancial has reps working out of there homes .YES all your info is up on the screen for anyone who happens to be in the employees home . These reps are NOT supervised and some are just barely out of high school.
    Im sure mistakes are made as these employees are trying to conduct there home life for example : watching there kids so the wife can go to work and they dont have to pay a babysitter, doing there own financial business or having personal conversations with friends or family members about your account once they get off the phone with you . Or playing internet games while conducting business with you on the phone .
    I would ask if this person is at an actual call center before giving out any information..!!!

  • Ma
      21st of Aug, 2009
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    THESE PEOPLE ARE NUTS!!! They don't quit calling - It is August 21, and I AM PAID THROUGH OCTOBER!!! I've verified this and they gave me the info that their computers do not update until 9:00 - NOT MY PROBLEM - MY ACCOUNT IS UP TO DATE!!! These people are ridiculous - it is CitiFinancial financed through Ashley Furniture. I have made 9 FULL PAYMENTS IN SEVEN MONTHS - and they don't count them unless they land at their office during your new monthly billing cycle. A day to early and you are screwed. . . you will have to pay an additional payment for the next month. I pay my bills when they are arrive or when I sit down and think about it. I'm not on a budget, and I'm not counting pennies - I just make sure my accounts are paid. BOO FOR ME FOR MAKING TWO PAYMENTS IN A MONTH - I knew I was paying ahead and I sent in 40 less than my normal payment - I have no idea why - just an oversight. It cost me 40 to pay the 40 with a late fee - even though I was "paid ahead" or so I thought until today. WTF??? When my business is done there will never be another dime given to Citi-ANYTHING!!!

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