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Citifinancial / Repossession

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Like many others we took out a loan with Citifinancial, using our vehicle (which was paid off) for collateral. We were never late on a payment for 1 and 1/2 years. We had some emergencies and missed one payment. Before thirty days were up we dropped two months payment off at the local office, the latter before the due date. A week or so later we got a call from Citifinancial wanting to know where our payment was. We told them it had been dropped of and the representative said they would note the account. The check was probably sent to their office in California and had not been received yet. The check never cleared our bank. We were called by "Tish" the manager and told we could come in and do a deferred payment. We went to the office on a Saturday and gave them another check and signed more papers. While we were in the office we heard two other representatives giving some poor suckers the same song and dance they gave us - "bring the vehicle in and the title and you and your husband need to be present to sign the papers..." They do this, so they can screw up both spouses credit. Our check was presented before our deposit was posted and was returned. We received a letter from them a week later stating we had to pay the returned check plus an nsf fee of 30.00. The next Saturday my husband dropped another payment off for the payment and the fees. Tish called before he even got home and said it was unacceptable, they could not accept a check for a returned check. Before we could even go to the bank and get cash on Monday, Tish left a message on our home recorder (we were at work) saying we had to come in today and take care of this to avoid repossession. She stated we could refinance and not have a payment due for a month. We made an appointment to go in on Tuesday and sign the papers...we walked out to go to work Tuesday morning to find our vehicle gone. A call to their office informed us it had been repossessed. We called too late in the day to get the repossession stopped. We had financial information in that vehicle along with other personal property. Now they are telling us we have to pay them $468, with interest accruing DAILY and pay another $300. for the towing plus $10.00 per day storage fee and will not tell us where the car is until we pay them - CASH. We cannot pay them almost $1000.00 until we get paid. Meantime the fees keep adding up. Called the Citifinancial office to find out if we could get our personal property and Tamara told us she couldn't give us that information but the "people they use are professionals" and proceeded to tell me how they have one vehicle at a certain towing lot, another at another, and still another in another part of town. Doesn't this fall under the Privacy Act? Apparently they are reposing a lot of cars these days. How do they expect us to pay any other bills if they keep piling on charges. We have told them they can keep the vehicle. This company takes huge advantage of working class people in an already struggling economy. I will tell everyone I know to never do business with Citfinancial.

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  • Ja
      12th of Nov, 2008
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    Ooooooooo, I don't even know where to start. I bought a vehicle 2 years ago and it was financed by citifinancial Auto. Bigggggg mistake! over the last two years I have not been late not once.

    Until, Now...I got laid off in July, my husband got laid off in august...(gotta love our economy lol)... September brought hurricane Ike which caused over 20 thousand dollars in damage to my home. Mind you my husband and I have been on the job search like mad men. And with the slowing economy we have found nothing. We applied for unemployment and got it but come one they don't pay well. lol.

    important note: my uncle co signed for me to help me get a better interest rate. And he passed away 2 days ago.

    To get to the point I am 60 days past due. I call citifinancial to tell them that I will be making a payment on friday everything that was due and I just wanted a balance with all fee's and pens included. Here's where is gets bad.

    The lady Irean who is my account worker answers the phone takes my info and says...Did your co buyer pass...I said excuse me? where did you hear that...she says I called him today and someone told me he passed. ...I said yes he did on monday...and she says are you sure?...Yes I said ...and then she says "I don't think you are telling me the truth his office said he died on sunday"

    at my wits end at this point I yelled at her "the medical examiner said he passed between 11:45 pm and 12:15 am so you tell me what freekin day it was" She then says well mam unless you give me the full amount past due right now we will have to send an agent to check on our property." I told her calmly I can not pay you till friday ...then she asks is there someone in your family you can barrow the money from?

    ok at this point I am beyond HOT I said " yes mam when I read the eulogy tomorrow at the funeral I will be sure to add in. can anyone loan me a few bucks"

    so then this lady tells me that an agent went to my uncles house 3 days ago and asked him to call me and ask me to bring the car to his house she says my uncle refused to make the call.

    guess I can't ask him about that now can I?

    needless to say I hung up on her called back and spoke to someone else and resolved most of the issues with my vehicle but not the issues of how rude this woman was.

    also, a nice note! the next person I spoke with there said they had no record of an agent visiting my uncle.

    Ireen lied !!!
    And my poor dead uncle couldn't even tell me that she lied!!!

    this is how low this company will stoop

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