Citifinancial Auto Ltd. / Paying payments with no vecheicle

FL, United States

I bought a van paid 4 years with no problem, when economy turned down I was unable to pay for this van, I called them and did a voluntary rep. but 3 times before I asked for help to lower van payment they said they could not help, I am taking care of an elder parent, paying all bills and some med. they still are making me pay that 8, 000 dollars at 150.00 per month if they had helped in the first place I could have kept the van, now I am stuck with 2 old vehicles plus 150.00 payment for a van I do not own. I think this is very sad that they can take advantage of those who are down on there luck, and others just walk away, Account # 2840318, though c.r.s. I have lost pay in the last year making it very hard to pay for gas since its up and feeding myself and elder parent. thank you Linda J. Hart

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