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Citifinancial Auto Loan / Treated like deadbeats!

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We purchased a car in 2001 with financing from a local lender. During the course of the loan, the loan was purchased by Citifinancial Auto.

The final payment was due in August 2006. Our normal monthly payment was approx. $350. In August we were informed the final payment would be approx. $1300. After numerous phone calls, countless explanations, and an infinity spent on hold we were informed that the original lender had attached two months worth of insurance and the interest on that had inflated the loan amount. It took three months for our insurance company to prove to Citifinancial that we had insurance for the entire length of the loan. We reached an agreement that the final payment would be $420. However, before we could pay the $420, Citifinancial repossessed the car because the original $1300 error was now more than 100 days past due. One part of the company does not talk to the other part of the company. Each time we called we were shuffled from one person to the next and had to explain our case to each person. We were constantly on hold. In the end they insisted that it was our fault because we should have overpaid by $900 and waited for them to correct the error and refund the money. That may have been what the contract called for, but was that good customer service? We have paid the $420 and they still have our car. I will admit that we did drag our feet and waited 20 days to make the final payment (they wouldn't accept it over the phone) after it took them 3 months to determine the correct amount, but did that warrant the forfeiture of our $10000 truck for $425? And, why is it that we have wired them the money and not received the vehicle back? Why were we constantly put on hold and passed from person to person when we tried to resolve the issue? After 5 years of on time payments we were treated like deadbeats because we were 20 days late paying the $425.

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  • Af
      26th of Mar, 2007
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    I agree. I too am a Citifinancial AutoOne consumer. Rather, I am a former Citifinancial Auto One Consumer. After being underpaid for nearly four years, I ended up laid off my job in November of 2006. My car was in Repo status. However, I was able to pay the car off as of the end of January, 2007. I was told that my title would be sent to me in 30-45 days . This did not happen. Needless to say, I am getting the run-around by Auto One management.

    I paid the car off, and yet they are angry that I dare call them and inquire about my title. My check was paid to them in full, to CitiFinancial Autoone. Don't you think I have a right to know the status of my title? I mean it's as if I married them, and they aren't happy with the divorce settlement. It was an arranged marriage that I never wanted from the beginning!!!! LOLOLOL!!!

    I suggest to anyone to ride a horse and buggy before getting caught up with Citifinancial Auto!!! Bicycle anyone??? (smile)

  • Pa
      27th of Apr, 2007
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    I also made the mistake of doing business with this Texas based band of grifters. Upon payment in full of my account, which included an overpayment of $50.00, they took it upon themselves to take an additional payment out of my account at the credit union. I have been trying for the past 5 weeks to get them to refund the, "extra," bit of profit from them along with the overpayment of, $50.00.

    I have been told two times that a check for refund has been issued to me and an approximate date I should receive it. I have been lied to both times. I also told them that I am 100% disabled, and can't afford their corporate run around.

    I have contacted my state attorney generals office along with the Office of the Controller of the Currency, consumer complaints division.

    I am sure that this will get resolved eventually, but in the mean time I guess I will have to eat dirt. These slugs have really put me in a bad place

    I would not think of referring any business to them, and after reading this, if you do business with this pack of slugs, you deserve what you get.

    If there is an attorney out there who wants to help me get my money under the American's with disabilities act contact me at nutdriverpatrick at yahoo

  • Ch
      2nd of Jun, 2007
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    Wow... I am due to pay off my loan in September of 08... Makes me nervous. I guess maybe I will ask for a payoff quote in march and maybe just pay the thing off... Too bad I didn't have better credit when I started having kids... Oh well, lessons learned I guess...

  • Ne
      17th of Jul, 2007
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    I am a Citifinancial employee... the reasons that customers are left with a balance at the end of the loan is due to the type of loan you have which is interest bearing. Loan starts accuring interest the day after payment is due so if payments do not post on due date you will have a balance due.

  • Li
      20th of Aug, 2007
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    I have been paying on my car for over a year and I do not understand why you can pay your car payment and only have .79 of $276.00 go toward your car payment. I need help with this matter. Is it not against some law to protect you against this kind of charges. My interest rate is suppose to be 17.99 and when I spoke with customer service she stated it should be around $50.00 per month. I ask for a print out and they have only applied very little to the principal of my payment. Help someone.

  • Ri
      23rd of Aug, 2007
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    Try going to I beleive this might help you voice your frustration. Just be very direct and let them have it. Where is the state attorney generals office when you really need them?

  • Gr
      24th of Sep, 2007
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    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am flabbergasted that you haven’t had the foresight to cancel my automatic payments TWO WEEKS after my own account manager REFUSED to take my money when I offered, after two months of unemployment, to bring my account up to date.
    I have just spent over an hour on the phone being transferred from Customer Service to Collections, both passing the buck and bouncing me around, when all I was trying to do was cancel the automatic payments which YOU should have done when my account became active in loss control.

    I am NEVER dealing with CitiFinancial again, and I will tell EVERYONE I know that your customer service is MEDIOCRE at best (the reason my account manager refused to take my money when I offered to bring my account up to date was because I gave her a smart answer of “nothing is the problem,” when she asked me what the problem was with my account. Apparently you people base your customer service on whether the customer’s attitude matches your happy day

    I want you to stop IMMEDIATELY automatic payments to my account. I had an overdraft fee of $29 yesterday because these automatic payments had not been stopped, two weeks after my account manager decided to repossess my car. That is UNACCEPTABLE. If another payment and overdraft fee shows up in my account, I WILL take legal action.

    A copy of this letter has been sent to my bank.

  • Gr
      25th of Sep, 2007
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    I followed up with trying to get my loan uipdated and out of collections, since I found out that after having faxed a letter asking to stop payments out of my account since my car was being repossessed another payment was taken out of my account. I was on the phone with them on hold and being transferred for over an hour. When I finally said to the last person transferring me "customer service is lacking" she said "well you've reached collections..." so I replied "I guess customer service isn't part of collections" she said "not really."
    This company really blows.

  • Je
      2nd of Oct, 2007
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    I need an address and phone number in the dispute office and a phone number of someone in the corperate office who is a superviser who can help with my situation

  • Al
      9th of Oct, 2007
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    I have a problem with your insurance defalt section. A letter to them to inform them of a lapse of coverage was isued by my insurance company, but my insurance did not lapse it was paid late but was not lapse. I have an amended declaration in in hand and have sat in the insurance office and watch the them call and verify my coverage but they continue too pile these premium onto my account (#3305277001). I deploy to Iraq in 2 days. Help me to resolve this issue.

  • Kc
      30th of Oct, 2007
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    I was told in June 2007 that I was approve to have my interest rate dropped by 2% ---however, weeks and now months later I've been bounced around from "professional" service reps, team leaders and managers of CitiFi Auto and to date October 30, 2007 I have yet received a call back from any of these so called professional at Citifi Auto. The calls began with the Account Services Team Lead, Gabriel (972-653-9218) I was then told to contact Supervisor, Jane Ipson (972-653-9211) then was routed to Anna Benedict, another supervisor (520-662-7471) and last another Supervisor in the Texas call center Alice (520-662-7473)

    I guess my only question at this point is why is it so difficult just to get a simple call back to resolve a matter that took place just a few months ago. "Where is the Professional Service" they claim to have.

  • An
      2nd of Nov, 2007
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    I bought a truck one-year ago and wish I had never heard of CitiFinancial Auto. These people are the worst!

    After setting up auto-debit payments, CitiFinancial canceled these arraignments without explanation and failed to notify me that they had made changes to my account. It took me 7 months to clear up this mess and CitiFinancial charged me additional fees and blamed me for their error.

    Last month's payment was by a USPS money order which they claim never arrived. A USPS trace confirms the money order was not cashed so the USPS is now re-issuing a new money order, which will be sent to CitiFinancial. Although I did send copies of the lost money order to CitiFinancial they have locked up my account so that I cannot make a payment online. Hell last months lost payment isn't even 30 days late yet! They have threatened me with additional fees, rep, and have refused this months payment online.

    I have never worked with more nasty people then the folks employed at CitiFinancial. They suck! DO YOURSELF A HUGE FAVOR -- NEVER BANK OR TAKE OUT A LOAN WITH THIS CUT-THROAT BANK!

    Once you get tied up with them every month they'll try to beat you out of additional fees, and unjust charges. If CitiFinancial Auto approves your auto loan - I suggest you run the other way. Otherwise they'll just look for any way to beat you out of more money each month then what your contract states you owe them. That is their game.

  • Ly
      8th of Nov, 2007
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    I had a car loan that was paid in full by my insurance company because it was totaled. I accidentally sent an online payment to Citifinancial Auto instead of the bank that was carrying my new loan on my new car. 3 months later they have not returned my money. I have received the run around over and over asking for my social an my account number. Unfortunately I do not have an account number because the car was paid off. They did issue me a check, unfortunately not for the correct amount. So I'm back on hold again. This is my second car loan ever, and I tell you what I never had this problem with the first one. Never again will I do business with this company. The IRS isn't even this difficult to get your money from.

  • Er
      19th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I maid payment 2 arrangements with citifancial auto on on Dec 4 for $200.00 and the other for 480.28 on Dec 14. Instead they charged my account $480.28 on Dec 4th which caused my account to go in the negatives and has result in serval over-draft fee's (over $400.00) I've been getting the same bullcrap customer service as discribe by every one else. They even hang up on you have get attitudes, etc. It's been like 10 days that I've informed them of their mistake and they have yet to take any kinda of action! Mean while I've had to explain to my car insurance company why I'm not gonna pay my premium on time (I'm risking a lapse in payment because of this) The customer service you recieve from citifinancial auto is just plan POOR (This is an understatement) I'm on the verge of getting lagel assistance in my dealings with these ###'s.

  • Ri
      24th of Dec, 2007
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    I am dealing with these unprofessional people right now. I got in financial trouble back in September and they agreed to defer the loan till The middle of December. Then a month later I get a statement saying its due in November. I placed no less then 8 phone calls to a rep named Tory Brown who never returned a call. Just an hour ago I got a call from this smug man demanding I make arrangements for payment. I told them I'm sending in what I can this Friday and he said this was unacceptable and that concrete arrangements had to be made. I proceed to tell this very poor of an excuse for a rep that I could not make arrangements till I knew how much money I would have. They say the deadline is Friday and then it will be repossessed. His excuse for not returning phone calls was they work when they want too and vacations. I exploded on the phone and he got an ear full. Very weak company that cares about no one. I will tell anyone I know who is considering buying a vehicle to stay away from this low grade pos company. I'd rather drive a 100 dollar beater. I think their website has a complaint email link, their going to get an ear full about Mr Brown. If their company fails I will applaud.

  • Wi
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    The majority of these complaints are not valid. I worked for Citifinancial Auto my entire career. The very last thing the company wants is to repo cars because the company looses money. Citifinancial Auto has numerous programs to bring accounts current, lower monthly payments, help pay for vehicles etc. How are you going to wait on hold when there are hundreds of people at several call centers to handle your call. There are issues listed about force placed insurance leading to repo's. That is easily fixed if you have the correct information to give. Also repo's are done mostly by date of last payment & number of days past due, so if your account is 100 + days past due and you have not paid in 90 days you sdand a good chance of loosing your vehicle. With Citifinancial Auto all you need to do is give accurate information and your problem will be taken care of. I would have to say that 95 % of what is listed on this page is junk and you should pay it no mind.

  • Ca
      17th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is for the person that said he or she has worked for citifinancial their whole career. I am a pretty open minded person and very easy to get along with, but I would have to say this, I have had to deal with some of the most unprofessional customer service reps ever wtih citifinancial. I have been harrassed by phone on the average of 8-10 times a day and even when I thought we had an issue worked out another rep from citifinancial would call and it would start all over again. I truely believe if citifinancial's corperate office would step back and take a good look they would find that there are a lot that needs fixing within the company, and make some changes to strive to offer the best customer service possible and look into the phone issue because the average wait time I've experianced was 10-20 minutes and that is not exagerating I think that if someone with some pull really wanted to turn this company around and start offering exceptional customer service they could . If anyone reads this that is employed with citifinancial I encourage you to try and call customer service yourself and see what your hold time is?

  • M
      18th of Jan, 2008
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    This is for the person that states thay work for Citifinancial Auto. You need to look at the cold hard facts Citifinancia's customer service is the worst I have ever seen. I have been trying to resolve the issue below since 12/12/07. Not once has citifinancial contacted me except when my payment was late and it really wasn't because they were supposed to do the skip a payment for December. Since this email I have contacted Citifinancial several times via email and phone calls and finally got a hold of a rep in the so called dispute resolution department 12/27/07. She seemed like she wanted to help at first but told me to stop sending emails on the status of this-well if they would resolve this I would not have to be following up on this issue. She told me she would call me back by the following day because the case had to be resolved by 12/28/07 because they have 8 days to resolve hello I filed the complaint on 12/12/07 that is alot more than 8 days. It is now 1/18/08 over 1 month and a week and no resolution. On 12/28/07 called and left a message and never received a call back. Now that my December payment is past due by more than 30 days because citifinancial has not resolved my dispute I paid december payment, and I am sure they will report this eventhough they are at fault. Citifinancial Auto's customer service is the worst thing I have ever seen. The collections department is rude and every rep i have talked to is very rude and does not want to resolve the situation.

    Let me tell you my situation, I received the skip a payment offer in the mail on 12/6/07. I contacted the 1-866-917-7842 number for skip a payment 12/6/07 at 5:00, the recorded message saying citifinancial was to busy to take calls to email request to in which I did in the below email. , since I did not hear from this email until late on 12/7/07, I decided to call on 12/7/07. I first called the regular customer service number at 1-800-486-1750 to verify this was a legitimate offer from citifinancial and they confirmed and said I had to call the 1-866-917-7842 number to set this up. After I got off the phone I then called the skip a payment number 1-866-917-7842 and was able to get a hold of a representive this time, I told them I was interested in skipping my December payment and they told me they noted this in the computer and I will receive a letter in the mail this week, I also, told the represetative I had a payment scheduled for 12/14/07 I wanted to cancel to take advantage of this offer for December. The rep told me if the customer service can stop the payment before 12/14/07, I could use this for December if they could not stop the payment I could use it for January. The rep then transfered me to another rep to cancel my payment. I was transferred 2 times and finally got somebody that was able to help me. The rep I spoke to I told her I signed up for the skip a payment program and I was told to talk to her to cancel my payment for 12/14/07. The rep went into the system and put in a notice to cancel the payment, since the other department that cancels payments was not available, she told me to call back 12/8/07 to confirm the payment was canceled. I was on the line with this rep for quite some time and she told me the same thing the rep from the skip a payment program if they are unable to cancel the payment will come out and I can apply it to my January payment. On 12/8/07, I called the customer service number again 1-800-486-1750 to confirm payment was canceled, the rep confirmed the payment was canceled. So I thaught this would be the end of this and everything went smoothly.

    This is where it gets interesting, today 12/12/07 I received a call from citifinancial auto regarding my payment for December and telling me it was past due, when I arrived home from work I immediately called them figuring they made a mistake since I signed up to skip the December payment. I spoke to a rep that all he was worried about was collecting my December Payment, I told him I had signed up for the skip a payment and he told me since my payment was more than 5 days past due I was not eligible for this program for december and I would have to make the december payment and then i would not have to make the january payment. This was news to me since not one time did any of citifinancial reps bring this to my attention , neither the skip a payment rep or the other rep that canceled my payment did not say one thing about this. First of all I did not get this offer until 12/6/07 which was past my 5 days anyways, and why would they cancel my payment if this was a rule they were supposed to follow. At this point I was pretty ticked off and this rep told me i was wasting my breath because I had to talk to the skip a payment reps again. Based off the conversation with this rep, I confirmed that these are separate departments and they should have never done this. I think citifinacials reps no matter which department need to be trained to know what the others are doing. It is not my fault citifinacial did not inform me of this. Anyways, I called back the skip a payment number 1-866-917-7842 and spoke to a rep for the second time to get this straight, I explained everthing to the rep and he said he would put me on hold to get his supervisor to talk to me, low and behold and did not take long for a rep to come on the phone asking for my account number and social security number again which I probably gave out at least 3 times within the same call. I gave the rep my information again assuming this was the other reps supervisor, no not at all. The rep I was talking to from the skip a payment number sent me back to collections and I was really getting irritated with this at this point. Again this rep asked me when I was going to pay the December payment and I told her the same stuff I was telling all the other reps I talked to in the past. She did not seem to care all she wanted was the payment.

    I want my december payment skipped, I have gone to several different reps and the one that initated the skip a pay transaction and the one that canceled my payment not one time did they say i did not qualify for this offer. And if I didn't qualify why did they cancel my payment the rep should have said we cant cancel because you do not qualify for this offer, no instead my payment was canceled and confirmed and I thaught this was taken care of . I would appreciate this be taken care of ASAP, I am not making the December payment because like I said before it was setup for me not to. Since citifinancial records all incoming calls please review the calls and tell me if they said i couldn't do this. The reps actions speak for itself, the offer was noted to my account and my payment was canceled what more can I say, but I am really frustrated with this situation and I hope you can forward this to a supervisor to handle so I can get this straight. Please respond by emial to confirm I do not owe my December payment, If you would like to talk to me regarding this situation feel free to call me at.

  • Va
      19th of Jan, 2008
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    Citifinancial has owed me a $50 refund since November and I have yet to see it.

    I agree with everyone who has stated the Citifinancial Auto, they have absolutely the worst customer service I have ever experienced. They will lie to you with a cheer in their voices. I used to work for a national retailer as a Customer Service Representative and if I had lied to my customers the way I was lied to I would have been fired that day. When I processed refunds I did it while my customer was on the phone with me.

    When I called to have a phone payment canceled because the amount the automated service accepted did not match the payoff I had in writing and the payoff I was quoted over the phone I was told by a CSR named Art that he would cancel it and he even gave me a confirmation number. The next day I mailed a check for the entire amount I owed. 2wo weeks later I learned that Art had not canceled the phone payment, so I hastily drove to the bank to stop payment the check ($25) but 2 days later I received an insufficient funds note due to them trying to deposit the check ($25). I called customer service and was told to call a different number, I did, was then transferred and then given another number to call and then 2 more before I spoke to a Supervisor, supposedly who told me to fax all the bank info to her and she will refund the amounts. No such luck, $50 is not much but it is a tank of gas and when you live 15 miles to the nearest city gas can be expensive.

    I wasn't a Citifinancial customer by choice they bought out my finance company. I will however be purchasing a new car in a few weeks and I will walk or ride a freaking horse before I let Citifinancial finance a car for me.

    I tell everyone I know who are either purchasing vehicles or even considering purchasing to not even consider Citifinancial.

  • Da
      22nd of Jan, 2008
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    My son is a customer of Citifinancial auto. My son is currently at Parris Island SC at boot camp for the USMC. The US goverment has created an ACT called the SRCA. Service Members Relief Act, While a member of the armed services is unable to pay his/her obligation due to inability of access of banking (while at boot camp) they may file the proper papers and be protected until such time they can continue payments. The financial institution simply has the right to tack these missed payments on the end of the loan. This allows the person the ability to complete his /her duties to their country. All the while the financial institution may charge for those missed months the interest due. Citifinancial has gone so far as to tell me that my son is hiding behind the US goverment. My son by all means has every intention of fulfilling his financial obligation to them. My sons USMC recruiter has faxed the papers (SCRA) with a copy of my son's orders to report to active duty multiple times. Citi has been nothing but nasty about the entire process. It is sad that people cannot try to work with people of the armed forces with alittle more compassion.

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