Citifinancial Auto / Scam - redemption dept

I would just like to say that I am very frustrated with CItifinancial Auto. Unfortunately, due to the recession my husband lost his job and I have to provide all of the finances for the home, such as Car note, well I got behind and as I was making arrangements for them not to pick up my truck . they were actually outside picking it up. So now I have to go through the redemption dept to get it back, first of all let me tell you you will wait on the line for at least 3 or more hours which is absolutely unacceptable, and then when you fianally get through to a customer service rep, the phone hang up on you, so you have to call again. Well after finally getting through to someone we made arrangements for my car to be paid on the 31st of the month and I was supposed to call back with the reference number so that my car could be released, as arranged I completed that agreement. I called back the same day and I could not get through to anyone, in the meantime my vehicle is sitting on a lot accuring ridiculous fees ... So I keep calling day after day for them to release my car and nothing, so I finally called a manager in that dept. in which she never returned phone calls, voicemails or nothing.. so she contacts one of her reps and tell them to call me and tell me to stop calling her line and speak to a rep. in which I then informed her that I have beeb trying to call for 3 days and noone would answer my call. so what I am supposed to do I need my car back and released and soon as possible. so then she told me that I have another payment due on the 1st and that I needed to make that payment before they released my car... which was not the original agreement, if they had released my car on the day that was agreed 31st I would not have to go through this. So now I have to come up with another payment before a release is issued. I can tell you I am very mad... at this point... I told her that they are running schemes on people and they should be ashamed of themselves, I think that they deliberately not answer calls so that the people calling in will hang up and not get their cars back and they make more money off of people having a hard time... CITIFINANCIAL AUTO IS A SCAM COMPANY. They do not stick to the agreements that they make but they want you to pay them ... I am going to seek an attorney to help me with this because I am having to come up with extra money now since they waited for the date to pass to release my car back to me... If anyone is having any problems out of the redemption dept please Don't let them get you... They are very rude and sarcastic with customers. Then the customer service number says that it is nothing that they can do to help us. so they are the only ones that can take care of this problem. I am going to sue them and get all of my money back that they owe to me...

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