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Citifinancial Auto / Fraud and scam

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I have had several issues with Citifinancial Auto. The first came when I had called in September of 2005 and requested to have my automatic payment date changed to the 16th. They did not make the change correctly instead they set it for the week before. Caused $614 in overdraft fees had my account messed up for a month. I also spoke with an Andrew who assured me for 2 weeks that the problem would be fixed. It took them 2 payments and 4 weeks to get it straight. In order for this to happen I had to be on the phone everyday talking to 5 different people before it was cleared up. I had to change banks. It took 5 months after that to get all of my other creditors back on track.

In August of 2006 I ended up losing my job and got behind in my payments. I received so many calls from them that my message center on my homephone was filled. I understand that the calls need to be made, I tried communicating with the representatives only to be told that it was my fault and if I was more responsible I would not be in this mess. When I got another job I tried to make arrangements to catch up. I received calls from a person named Darren. I was threatened, I was told that if I did not make 2 payments that day which was a Wednesday the car would be picked up. I told him that I could not do anything until that friday which was my payday and that I did not have all of the money. I was told to go to a pay day advance place and if I didn't come up with the money they car would be picked up. I was told that I had to pay by quick collect because they were not accepting any other form of payment.

I could not get the payday advance so I was given until 9:00am on Friday to get the money. I missed the deadline due to bad road conditions I received a nasty call from Darren saying that I was given a deadline and i did not meet that deadline I tried to explain about the road conditions I could not meet the deadline because I was going to be late for work I told him that I would take an early lunch in about 15 mins and would pay it then. He yelled at me saying that is not what I told you to do, you did not meet the deadline we are picking up the car all other arrangements are off and hung up the phone. I was literally in tears. I have never been spoken to like that. I made the two payments and a third payment 2 weeks later. I was told that I could not be late anymore and he was the last straw, when the file get to his desk that means my car is going to be reposssed. I am currently due for November and December payment according to them. I know that I had been behind, I had made a serious effort to catch up. After making those 3 payments I still received calls on my job, at my home, and my cell phone. Yet after all this harassment I have yet to receive anything in writing from them stating that my car will be repossessed. Each time the threat is made I am asked where the car is. Before I started working with Darren someone showed up at my home asking for payment. Left a note for me to call a representative who happened to be on vacation everytime I would call.

After making 3 payments in one month in an effort to become current I still received harassing phone calls. By different representatives and all making threats, when I stated that nothing could be done until my next payday, I was told that answer was unacceptable. When I lost my job I became behind in all my bills. I had been trying to correct the problem since I received another job. I found that there is no reasoning with them. Is there an attorney out there that can give advice on how to stop these people. Does law say that when you stop answering the phone after a creditor makes repeated calls they can come to your home and harass you?

This company has really gotten out of hand. I can't refinance at this time because my credit is not favorable because of being out of work. I have not been on my current job long enough to show stability. What can I do?

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  • Vi
      2nd of Jan, 2009
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    My family has also suffered financially. We hope someone shows liars for who they are. May they rot alone.

  • Vi
      2nd of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    SUE THEM! Blog the hell out of them, put together a blog site, organize a community, and sue the hell out of the ###.

    At the bar or at any public place that has a CITI commercial on the tube, stand up and start yelling:


    Let people know that the word CITI-anything is as offensive to you as Nazi war crimes.

  • Le
      5th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Please let me know if you hear anything. I am a 22 year old college student with my own citi credit card account not even linked to my parents, and got behind on payments due to finishing up and paying for school ( i pay for my school completely) and not having a job that will pay me enough to make payments. They have since called my parents, told them about the situation, told them the account number, the amount the debt was for and threatened to sue myself and my parents, who i mentioned already are not even on my account. I stopped answering their calls because I can't make payments, and they started doing this over the phone. What can I do? The prospect of graduating college with a large student loan burden, as well as bad credit is already depressing enough, not I am being harassed and my parents are getting involved in a situation they can't even help out in due to my parents own financial problems

  • Le
      22nd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I made a payment and they also took out an UNAUTHORIZED payment causing several fees in insufficiant funds. I have been fighting with them for 2 months to repay the money. Still they have not done so. Several phone calls, bank faxes, 3 way conversations between me, my bank and citifiancial.
    THEY are crooked liars. This is not the end. They can repossess my car for all I care.

  • Cl
      28th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I hate Citi Financial with a freaking passion..I hope they file chapter 13 for all I care..They LIEEEEEEE so much, and make promises, and never send things in writing. I am thinking about letting them come and get my car. I will do better off at a buy her pay here lot...The hell with a credit report..I can get that mess taken off, by a crocked friend of mine...Besides I am not happy with the CAR!!!

    The car is worth 8, 000.00 and my pay off is 18, 000.00. They will never get 18, 000/oo from me. LOL

  • Ro
      19th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have had many run ins with citifinancial... but the icing on the cake... Let me start at the beginning. Six months ago I got two months behind on my payments, so they called and tried to assist me by setting it up where I would only have to make half payments for six months. Well the payments were coming out automatically and they still were calling asking for payments. The payment for december was taken out on the 16th. That was to be the last payment of the six month period. Well, last week they reposessed the vehicle. The next payment, which was the accrual of the half payments for six months, was not due till the 23rd of january. Now when I call them they refer me to the redemption dept., whom I have called and waited on hold for as long as 4 hours. I just want an answer as to why if the payment was taken out, the vehicle was taken. I would have been able to make the payment due to getting my tax refund back. They are a company that feast on people, for lack of a better term, who are ignorant and less fortunate. If you know of someone that is or will be dealing with citifinancial, warn them to stay clear.

  • Sk
      27th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Banking Fraud! They have erroneously debited my bank account twice (I am not on an ACH plan). I have been fighting 3 weeks to get my money returned plus reembursement for all of the NSF fees they created. They owe me over $500.00. They told me that I was approved to have my money returned to me and that I should have it in 72 hours..(like duh)..however they are still failing to do so (three weeks and still waiting). What makes this worse is that I was in a deferrment status when they did this. The real kicker is that this is not the first time they have done this. They did this to us another times 8 months ago. This is bank fraud...and I would like to join anyone that has started a lawsuit. We are renters, and if we do not have our money back by the time rent is due (in three days)...guess what... yeah. I am totally disgusted with this company taking advantage of people. As soon as I get my money back...we are refinancing our truck. I don't care if the payments are higher...I just want out from under this abusive lender.

  • Mi
      24th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have a reoccurring payment setup for my auto of $373.43 every later half of the month. Just yesterday a $400.00 electronic check was submitted to my account. I had no clue who this was nor what it was for, so I justly put a "Stop Payment" on the check issued 6/22/10 for check #10 in the amount of $400.00. The very next morning, an additional, duplicated charge is processed through my account and has a check # of 9999 . . . ! ! ! ! Ok, WHAT!
    A few moments later my wonderful bank's assistant branch manager calls and says that the stop payment check has been reissued, and cleared on the 21st (And today is the 23rd of which the phone call just took place) under a different check number and in order for me to stop the payment attempts they needed to know who the "Payee" was. I told her that was the issue. The checks have no images for them to pull the payee from, no listing of "CitiFinancial Auto Pymt" as my regular payment titled, and they had to trace the routing number to distinguish who it was. Guess what, it was Citi Financial Auto.
    So, I call Citi and got your basic India representative and immediately informed her that two payments were deducted from my banking account and both have empirically (of which I had to define for her) been credited to Citi Auto. She looked on the account and informed me that a reoccurring payment from June of 2009 was recently reactivated for a monthly payment of $400. I told her that was entirely false, and that the transaction had been perpetrated with two distinctly different check numbers to satisfy a payment after the stop payment had been placed and that someone was literally stealing money from me and my bank was advising me to change accounts and "Let them" begin filing procedures for fraud. The representative said that no one was stealing from me, but the payment can't be returned. I also asked when the call took place to "reactivate" this payment, she couldn't provide an answer nor any corroborating notes.
    I asked for a manager.
    20 minutes later a Nidh (Pronounced Nideeh) clicked on and I had forced myself to calm down to reconcile the situation. 40 minutes later, a conference call with the Branch Manager, after my bank became aggressive and I had to resort to politeness (of which I maintained from the onset), apologetic, and literally begging "for her help as a manager" she said I might get the payment back within 2-3 business days with the NSF fees that were caused. I told her the charge put my account in the red and I needed it as immediately as they had received, stolen, it from me. Paraphrasing of course, but I inevitably had to ask for yet another escalation of whom has to "call me back" at a designated number-I anticipate none.
    To go back to the how.
    This manager told me that the $400.00 payment had been going through my account and then reversed (by them) every month and I just hadn't noticed it till now. Well, there's ONE contradiction: I was previously told it had been reactivated. Second, the two distinctly different check numbers, and the most absurdly frustrating contradiction-She thought I'd be stupid enough TO NOT NOTICE $400 GOING IN AND OUT OF MY ACCOUNT EVERY MONTH, ROUTINELY and NOT to mention, of which my banks' branch manager simultaneously informed both her and I on the conference call, that if a "Transaction had been processed and reversed every month, for the same dollar amount, not only would it have triggered a 'red flag' as conspicuous activity but in the least meriting a call to the client to (1) inquire about the activity and (2) negate continual transactions."

    There are obviously very unsettling events going on here, and I am in no way comfortable with where it left by Nidh canceling the reoccurring payment. I am in search of a contact number for their Irving Texas corporate office, if anyone has one please email me at
    Something else entirely frustrating. On their Contact us page, they have a picture of a White American Women as the call representative and it is clear that there isn't a single American Employed at the call center establishment. Their CEO is from India, of whom made approximately $39M in 2008 after receiving over $45B in Federal Aid (And they're still beating up on the poor man). In 2009 he sheepishly resorted to a mere $125K. (

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