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I closed a Webex account for my company in early 2016. Months later, they simply initiated, without my previous approval, an additional charge (almost double cost) and I - the client - had to contact the company to cancel the invoices issued without my prior authorization. This was solve with no additional problems (I have the emails History).

Now, after almost 3 years, I need to cancel my contract and receive the information that it has been closed a 3 year contract. Are you kidding me?
At no point was I informed a 3-year contract (or I would have never closed). They can see the whole negotiation history to confirm that this was never accepted or even spoken in the beginning.

I am trying to understand how this company works and frankly what should be a temporary contract break is becoming a nuisance against this company that tries to earn customers' costs without passing on clear information during the negotiation.

After one month, I'm still trying to request the immediate cancellation of our contract, but unfortunately they simply don't care.

Dec 04, 2018

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