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Circuit City - Green Bay, WI / Horrible guest experience!

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March 5, 2007-I went into the Circuit City store in Green Bay, WI for the first time to purchase a laptop computer to replace mine that had just broke. Long story short...I am having the most awful experience I have ever had at a retail store. I am battling service charges on a computer that I had bought and returned two days later, without even leaving the store with the computer. Right off the bat, I was lied to about financing options and told I could get 12 months no interest. After I had signed the paperwork, I was then informed I was on the 3 months no payments, no interest plan. After I objected, I was told that since I didn't take the $300 maintenance package when it was offered, that I didn't get the 12 months plan. Even when I double checked before signing the paperwork, I was told that I would get the 12 months. Then I was told that I would be called the next day to update me when my computer was ready. I needed it asap for school and work, and told them right away when I showed up that if I couldn't get the computer the next day, I'd take my business elsewhere. I was promised a call back the next day. Next day comes, no phone call. I went and bought another computer elsewhere, where I did get it right away. Went back to CC to return, and I've been battling it for 2 1/2 weeks. The store mgr Steve in Green Bay is the only one that can do the returns. Steve was out of the office for a few days, and then I was out of town for the weekend. A week later, I was able to catch him in the office and explain my situation. Horrible customer service, lying about the financing, misleading, and not calling with the status of the computer. Steve apologized and said he could definitely take care of the charges and would call me back the next day to confirm that they had been taken off my card. Next day comes, no call (shocker!). I had to call him finally the next day and confront him. He said he could take off the software ($200), but couldn't take off the installation and service ($200). I immediately informed Steve that due to the absolutely appalling and unprofessional experience that I had, I was not paying for a product I didn't have, regardless of service charges. I told Steve to have his district mgr call me on Monday because he (steve) was not handling my issue. Steve said fine. Monday comes around, and no phone call (anyone seeing a pattern here?)

I am currently still battling the issue. Steve is still very unreachable. I have called the corp. office and they are aware of the issue. I will continue to call the corp. office and try to get help until this issue is handled appropriately. CC is never going to have my business again. Everyone I know will hear about my complaints.


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