Circle Kverbal harassment

My son went into store to pay for gas / cigs. And the cashier gave him $1. 00 too much in change, right when he noticed, and was handing it back, she snatched the money right out of his hand. Okay, he lets that slide, figuring we all have bad days. In a few minutes, as he was pumping his gas, she came out to the pumps and gets up in his face and is yelling & cursing at him. He asks her to stop & step back (5 times) as his 3yr old son is right there in the car, crying because the "meanlady"scared him. She was being very rude & derrogatory over somrthing that was her mistake and was over and done. Wtf???Also, this is a co - located circle k with subway, where his girlfriend works and we are worried that there may be retaliation on her. Dont know whats up with that employee but maybe some kind of personal problem with leslie (Sons girlfriend) ???Time frame - 9am 01 / 17 / 2015 lincoln hill road monroe, la 71203

Jan 17, 2015

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